Jessica Calix's Mock Magazine Cover

Is it Worth the Risk for Immigrants to Migrate to the United States?

          The image on my magazine cover depicts a migrant pondering the decision whether to emigrate to The United States. The same question haunts the majority of migrants much like the shadow that haunts the prospective migrant in the image.  Is it worth facing the dangers of migrating into an unknown country? The answer for many is yes. Many live in poverty-stricken homes with no opportunity for advancement and will do anything to succeed.

            Currently millions of immigrants are living in the Unites States illegally. Many U.S. residents  believe that the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service is at fault, and feel that the INS is ineffective at deporting illegal immigrants who have been ordered to leave the country, but have not left. Once they have taken the risk to get here, migrants are very reluctant to leave.

             The hard labor and low wages associated with migrants, such as farm and factory work are jobs that are a dream to immigrants. The money from these jobs will help support their families in their homeland the same Americans who complain that in INS is ineffective are happy to benefit from the migrants cheap labor.

            Migrants know the hardships of immigrating into an unknown country, but they put their fears aside and hop the fence to the United States, risking deportation or even death. They know that the unwanted jobs they will perform will be enough to help their families.  For many, the decision to hop the fence is no longer a question to ponder. The question is when to hop the fence?  



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