Family Migration Object Photo



The family objects that I choose to have featured on my web page, is the Aztec calendar.  This is very famous in Mexico and I have a lot of these all over my house.  I have one that is almost 10 years old and it is almost as big as my kitchen window.  The Aztec calendar is very important to me and to members of my family.  I have some members of my family that life the Aztec calendar so much, they got it tattooed on themselves. The other family object I chose to show, was a Swedish horse.  My dad is Swedish, and tells me that this horse brings people luck.  It is hand painted and made in Sweden, by a cute little old lady in a shop.  This horse means a lot to me, especially because I never get to see my dad.  I am only able to see him occasionally, so every time I look at the Swedish Horse, I remember him and all the good time we have together.

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