Open Letter


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    I hope that my web page will open the public eyes to see that not all immigrants (especially Mexican immigrants) are criminals.  Most Mexican immigrants come here only in search for some money to send back to their families.  Most immigrants do not even want to stay here, but they donít want to go back to Mexico, because it is so expensive and dangerous to come back.  If we were to allow more working visas to people in Mexico, so they would be allowed to come and go as they pleased, we would most likely see our economy get better.  We, the people that were born in the U.S. are privileged and have many things to be thankful for, why are so many Americans donít want to share?  Except for the Native Americans, we are all immigrants and the doors were help wide open for us.  Yet, as soon as we all entered, we slammed the door shut behind us and have been putting things in front of the door to keep people out ever since.  The U.S. is truly a great country and I challenge each and every one of you to treat everyone you see in your lifetime as an equal to you.  I want all of you to hope that they have the same advantages as you and if you see someone who is under privileged, I encourage you to help them.  Remember that we are all Godís creatures and we need to help each other in order to survive. 



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