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Border's: are they the answer?

            The United States, insists upon there being a border surrounding the United States, to protect us against immigrants.  Yet, we fail to realize, that we were once immigrants as well.  Not allowing others to come into our country of free choice, anti-racism, and all around community support, appears to be somewhat selfish.  Why is that? Why do we feel the need to shut the door behind our ancestors, that once immigrated here themselves?  We are more than willing to allow our citizens to go to other countries, where they welcome us with open arms.  We also go to other poorer countries and help them obtain food and water.  Yet, is it true that we Americans are so selfish, not to share our wealth with others?

            Everyday, people die trying to enter this great country of ours.  We simply turn our backs on them and pretend we didnít know.  I say, it is about time we stand up for our word.  We are the land of the free and the home of the brave.  We should allow others to learn what an accomplishment they would have to be an American.  We are truly a great country and by allowing immigrants to enter our country will not diminish our appearance.  It is time for us to stand up together and unite, helping others from less fortunate countries, with a helping hand.

            Immigration has provided our ancestors with numerous possibilities.  It is not our place to not allow any other immigrants to enter country.  It is not fair for us to limit our benefits to ourselves, we should be out there with open arms allowing anyone to enter, and who will abide by our constitution. We need to help those that are less fortunate than us, that is what I was brought up to believe, in this great country of ours, known as the U.S.A.