Roo's Open Letter


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Welcome to my Migration and Culture Webpage!

This class has been quite the learning experience for me on many levels. I realized early on that there is so much more to the topic of immigration than I ever imagined. The information that I have read about (and read, and read, and read, and read) :o) has really made me reconsider my views on "aliens" and how we as Americans stereotype them.  On a recent trip to Rocky Point, I saw (what I assumed to be) five Mexican nationals running across the desert.  I knew that there was a US Border Patrol check point ahead, and I found myself really debating on what I should do.  Should I tell the agents?  I've learned in this class that Mexicans are dying while trying to get into the country this way, and they are, to an extent, creating problems in the US - so I felt like I should say something.  I've also learned, however, that they are probably fleeing to the US to escape extreme poverty and provide a better life for their family, so I felt like I should keep my mouth shut and give them a chance.  It was a real conundrum!  As it turns out, by the time I got to the check point, they had already been discovered, so it was not a decision I needed to make, but the situation made me realize the extent of what I had already learned! 

I also, unfortunately, learned the value of life, love & family.  Though I am saddened at the circumstances, I am glad to have the opportunity to reevaluate my priorities in life!