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Me on the Right and My friend.  We were in Rocky Point

My parents are Mexican immigrants who came to the United States in search of prosperity for their family.  They understood that education was a means for self-fulfillment and opportunity.  However, education was not available to them because of their need to work to help support their families.  In spite of their inability to attain an education for themselves, they did pass on to their children the idea that education is the key for a better future not only for us, but also for our community.  They instilled in me a passion for learning and a sense of responsibility in my community.  These values have allowed me to make great strides in my academic and social endeavors.

As a result of my love for education, I was able to graduate from high school at the age of sixteen and attend the University.  Currently I am a senior at Arizona State University.  My major is political Science which I chose because politics is one of my favorite subjects and individual interest.  I chose this field of study because it is an area in which Hispanics are poorly represented. After earning my Bachelors degree my plans are to ultimately obtain a Doctoral degree in Administration in public policy with an emphasis in Ethnic studies. 

I have developed a personal interest in this area because while minorities are among the largest populations, our presence in the law making process is lacking.  My plans are to conduct research with the purpose of deconstructing the political tactic that instead of incorporating minorities has created barriers from which our communities have been forced to endure.  Through these and other avenues I plan to continue my involvement in the betterment of all communities.


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