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    The Trip to Nogales, Mexico is definitely and an unforgettable one.  The trip allowed me to experience first hand the all the readings about migrant life cross nationally.  Often, it is easy to visit other countries and experience the culture on a superficial level.  However, borderlinks enabled our class to visit places that are not normally accessible to the public.

    Visiting the maquiladoras  was an eye-opening experience because I had read about them in course texts.  At first glance the maquila environment does not seem as bad as it is decided.  There clean and everyone seems to engrossed in their tasks.  However, the reality of the maquila is still a grim one as the people are paid less than eight dollars a per day.  That is not even minimum wage and this is especially problematic because Nogales is a border town so the costs of living are usually about as expensive as Nogales, Arizona.

    This is only a tidbit of what I experienced on the Borderlinks Trip.  Being able to interact go to Mexico and interact with the individuals that work in maquiladoras.


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