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Security or Extremity                 



     Immigration in the United States has been an on going occurrence dating back to the countries founding days.  Yet, immigration is still widely opposed and discouraged.  In fact, immigrants have been blamed for the economic decline, which has lead to the unemployment of Americans and the drainage of social service programs like welfare, which were intended to serve Americans.  Immigrants tend to make the easiest scapegoats, as they are unwanted and unrepresented.  Many have been the efforts to stop immigration especially illegal immigration.  However, as of 9/11 immigration as a whole is viewed in a more alarming manor.  Any immigrant is a possible terrorist, a danger to the American way and American lives. 

So, now not only do immigrants of all nations pose a perceived threat to the economy and culture of the U.S but have also been considered enemies of the most violent kind.  With the change of the Immigration and Naturalization Service bureau to the new Homeland Security little needs to be said, for the name itself expresses the suspicious and negative attitude toward the optimistic arrivals.  The different ways that immigration bureau has dealt with the influx of illegal immigrants are many and somewhat extreme.  From walls in the ocean to the militarization of the border that have proven to be more of a problem than a solution. 

The magazines cover setouts out to illustrate the different methods that have been used to stop illegal immigration.  From material barriers to human intervention but the truth is that these means are not working and yet, they have been supported and funded by government officials.  The cheap labor that immigrants provide is unquestionably good for the U.S, the fact that they are going to continue to come is undeniable.  Why not take another approach because the long-standing tactics have resulted in unnecessary deaths in the oceans, deserts, rivers and violent killings.  The U.S. benefits from immigrants that come for an opportunity that they believe can be found in the U.S.


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