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I looked at articles about people in the U.S. who were against Mexican immigration. In searching for pictures I ran across pictures of an elderly woman and children of Mexico. It made me think more about who some of these intruders to the U.S. may be.   The intruders are not only the drug dealers, gang members and young men looking to take up jobs but they are also children and elderly people who, for some reason or another, are running away from their homeland. These groups of invaders are at the mercy of others to take care of them. The elderly can not make it on their own; they may be in need of medical help that they can not get in Mexico. The children are at the mercy of what their parents put them through.

     Looking at the picture of the words “Border War” and the words “Threatening” “Invaded” I wanted to show another side of the helpless offenders that may not be so dangerous. Yes I understand they take up resources such as welfare but I just wanted to show the softer side of the invasion. 


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