Barry's Personal Bio

My wife, two daughters and I

I am a senior at ASU West and a senior citizen as well.  I returned to school part time five years ago. It was originally only to take a few courses "just for fun".  Well, it became so much fun that I expect to graduate this spring with a B.S. major in psychology.

    My first experience with college was long ago when studying for a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering at a Canadian university.  I followed this by getting married and emigrating to the US in order to pursue a Master's degree in Structural Engineering at a top American school, Lehigh University. 

    Afterwards my career moved me and my wonderful wife to many homes in different states.  Our life as immigrants to this country has been exciting and full of colorful experiences.  We have two daughters who are graduates of American Universities and active in their professional careers.

    I have practiced structural engineering for almost 40 years and have had an emotionally and professionally rewarding career which included pioneering a number of building concepts and participating actively in many innovative projects .  My most challenging and well-known project was The Watergate complex in Washington DC.  Yes, that Watergate.  :)

     My hope is to teach psychology part time at a Maricopa Community College.  Being on campus "this time around" has been a stimulating, refreshing and fulfilling adventure.

    As a migrant I can proudly say that I believe I have contributed much to and gained much from this "adopted" country of mine.  Like my father before me I too have found, by migrating, success in my search for a better life.

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