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Our America  Immigration, Integration – Lose Our Nation

Recently, the public, politicians, government agencies and the press have all focused greatly increased attention on the international borders.  Heavy legal migration, undiminished drug trafficking (after many years and billions of dollars spent on interdiction), increased illegal migration and unprecedented threats from international terrorism have fueled the fires of hatred and stirred emotions of fear.  This faux magazine cover represents a stereotypical example of a white supremacist publication (our = white race) albeit with a somewhat tongue-in-cheek byline.  The magazine's message is NOT my own viewpoint!!!

The Canadian border scene at the top left shows a bi-national peace arch with the motto “Children of a Common Mother” and a clean blanket of snow on the ground.  The byline of the magazine glorifies the purity of being white and the snow in the photo is, thus, highly symbolic.   The words on the arch strongly reinforce the image of two countries with basically compatible heritage and ethnicity.  The border scene to the right of the first photo depicts a clean calm river and a graceful arched international bridge between two traditionally peaceful countries.  Once again the strong image of similarity of national interests, enhanced by blue sky, pure white clouds and peaceful flow of traffic both ways prepares a stark contrast for what is to come in the photos below.  Thus, the idea of migration itself is not openly attacked on the magazine cover. 

At the lower left is the photo of a recently captured, highly placed terrorist operative who is implicated in the 9/11 massacre.  His dark skin, thick moustache and surly appearance are the essence of the neo-nazi’s image of the crude, inferior, unwanted, dark and feared foreigner.  This depiction gives the magazine’s audience the powerful excuse and deception to distort the terrorist alert for use as an anti-immigrant vehicle to cloak their racist agenda.  The final photo (conveniently black and white) embodies the concept of the totally vulnerable southern border breached by a dark and dangerous intruder supposedly indistinguishable from the swarthy middle-eastern terrorist.  A true racist would believe that this immigrant and all those like him must be stopped…“before it’s too late”.

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