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I dedicate this to our fallen classmate, Mrs. James,

Cogito, Ergo Sum

By: Kevin M. Litwin



The winter has presented itself,

they say bad things happen in three’s,

One generation replaces another,

and another generation replaces one more,

My rib cage is cracked open

exposing my heart, surgically removed,

placed on a platter, it slides off and hits the floor,

The home plate ref calls in a growling voice,

“You’re out!”



My eyes transfer to the side of my head,

as metropolis attached its blinders,

I feel the full weight of life on my back

and gave it a ride on the path of the future.

Like a Wes Craven movie, the fear

of watching the scene applied.



Spring whispers to the animals

to come out of their caves,

I stand in front, there is a beast in the back,

its eyes twinkle surrounded by the darkness,

I look above at the stars,

they levitate me to safety.



I needed to float to become

grounded once more.



Summer is here,

surrounded by heat, I find myself in the cool halls

of wisdom, laughter and friendship,

a lighter mood. A promise of love,

she found my heart, forgotten on the floor,

and gently placed in.






Fall is uncertain,

cloudy at times,

desire is my streetcar,

Will I Brando the name


Will the Halls of Wisdom,

shed no insight,

with coins in hand ready for wide eyes, I know better now,

if the mountains crumble to the sea,

Descartes battle cry will stand by me.



Cogito, Ergo Sum-I think, therefore I am.