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Kevin M. Litwin


ASB 340, Tues. 2p

Magazine cover

“For the migrant, it’s the help not wanted page.”

            Trying to escape from the grasp of the low paying, corporate assembly lines of clothing production and parts construction, many third world migrants move to America to seek full time minimum ecstasy. The effects brought about by globalization and viewpoints discovered in such articles like, “Why people can not feed themselves,” has painted a whole new picture of middle and lower class economies. The service sector of the business world has started to replace the past dot comers and the even far distant industrial revolution. Jobs’ seeking a demand for people willing to accept low wages and performs hard work, are plentiful in today’s world. For the average American, full of pride and dead end education’s, these types of jobs would be unconceivable and even unrespectable. However, the work must be complete to feed and clean up after the materialistic society of the great U.S.A and only those who illegally immigrated, dying to fit into a dream culture, that would never accept them, volunteer to complete such tasks.

            In the magazine, Business Week, an annual report comes out for the American public displaying the top most desirable jobs in the country. A shameless advertisement conducted by the journal of companies that offer quality employment. It is done in such a manner that every free citizen of the country should have no problem attaining these ideal jobs. Unfortunately, this is far from being true. The promise of a better life, in America, would be viewed by foreign people as displayed from this magazine, although a more realistic view would tell a different story. “The top 100 jobs for migrants in the US” would read more along the lines of prostitution, day laborers, housekeepers and short order chefs.