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Immigrants traveling to the US by boat.

    I would like to thank the students in my class for making the Migration and Culture course interesting and fun. Everyone knows that Dr. K has gone above and beyond for all of her students. This is the second course that I have experienced with her and they have both been educational and fun. I would tell all the students that are thinking of taking a course with Dr. K to go for it. There is more to know about immigration then most people think. I have much appreciation for all of the students that have finished the course after the normal stresses of college. Every student knows that a semester can be very draining and emotional. Our students in this course have experienced the loss of a fellow student in Shequila Hardeman. I did not know Shequila very well only a few brief words with her, but to know of her drive and spirit that pushed her as a mother, wife, and student should encourage any student to never give up on life or any goals that may be in their future. Rest in Peace Shequila.








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