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    It was once thought that immigration was just a problem for those who lived by or bordered Mexico, the East Coast or South Florida. These were the main stomping grounds for most of the immigrants that started their new life in America. This is no longer true. More of today’s immigrants are moving further into the middle of the country. A Colorado based organization started to set up billboards notifying America of its immigration problem. This billboard states that “Mass Immigration is NOT smart growth” with a picture of the United States overlapped with the word full. This indicates that now the immigrants are seeing resistance in the mid-west states. As the immigrants migrate toward the middle of the country people from these parts of the country are now becoming concerned with their new neighbors. Although the numbers of immigrants are less today than at the turn of the 20th century people are creating a larger panic than ever before. Could this be a post 9/11 concern?

            People fear that the more immigrants that enter their neighborhood the more problems they cross with jobs, language barriers, and legal documentation. The majority of today’s immigrants help with the job market creating a stronger economy occupying the unwanted or hard labor positions. The government does not create enough opportunity for immigrants to break their language barrier by not supplying enough programs to teach English. Immigration and Naturalization Service estimate that over 70% of immigrants arrive legally to the United States. The citizens of the United States need to remember that there is an immigrant in all of us.



Dax Ramirez


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