Hi!  My name is Carrie Stoner.  I am currently a student at Arizona State University.  Above is a picture of me (all the way to the left) and one of my dear classmates, Jermaine Murphy (standing to the right of the car).  My son, Jake, is in the middle of the car.  The picture itself is not a very good one of me as it was a totally bad hair day.  However, I wanted to post a picture with Jermaine in it as she has had to drop this class due to a very tragic accident -- I miss her!!   This photo was taken while we were loading food to take down to the Colonias in Nogales, Mexico which is an extremely poverty stricken area.

        I am the oldest of six children. My parents - John & Mary Vincent - were both in the United States Air Force which is why I was born in San Antonio, Texas on Lackland Air Force Base.  My mother resigned her position from the Air Force and has not returned to work since.  My father joined the Phoenix Fire Department where he worked for over twenty years and has just recently retired as a Division Chief. 

        I am currently a crisis counselor for Westside Social Services, JAG Center working with at-risk juveniles.  I thoroughly enjoy working with children.  My plans are to obtain my Ph.D. in clinical psychology and do family counseling.

        I have five children of my own - Jonathon, Kristi, Kimmi, Kelli and Jake - they are my whole life!  My oldest son, Jonathon, is a Junior at Arizona State University majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies.  My Daughter, Kristi, is a Junior at Arizona State University West majoring in Early Childhood Education.  My Daughter, Kimmi, is a Freshman at Arizona State University majoring in Secondary Education.  My Daughter, Kelli, is a Junior at Cactus High School and is currently on the Varsity Spiritline.  My little guy, Jake, is only four years is old and is the most precious little boy!

        This website was put together as part of a Migration & Culture class in which I  had the privilege to be a part of.  Thank you Dr. K for everything - you're the best!!  





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