By:  Carrie Stoner


Most people from Mexico dream of the day they will have an opportunity to come to America for a better way of life or better jobs.  Many of these same immigrants cross into Arizona illegally.  What most may not realize is how these immigrants risk their lives just to work! 

The Arizona/Mexico borders, at some areas are represented by concrete buildings, gates and armed Federal Border Patrol agents.  However, in most areas, there is nothing more than a Saguaro cactus or maybe an occasional barb-wired fence.  Immigrants fleeing their country into ours look at our border as a symbol of security, prosperity and hope.  That is, until recently. . . .

This mystical line of prosperity and hope in our sand has turned into a river of blood.  Arizona citizens who’s ranches run along the Arizona/Mexico border have taken a hard and violent stand against undocumented immigrants crossing “their” border into Arizona.  These citizens have created their own organization and exercised their right to keep and bear arms – to the tune of AR-15 assault rifles and .357 magnums.  These “armed Arizonans” feel it is their constitutional right to protect their property from illegal immigrants crossing the Arizona/Mexico border.

Do these citizens have a right to use deadly force against these immigrants who are just seeking better lives and higher paying jobs?  Do they have a right to shoot on sight anyone who comes onto their property?

        So, you be the judge – Is our border with Mexico a gateway to opportunities or a line of death, with Arizona citizens as the executioners?



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