Genealogy Seminar - Summer 2003

Get your culture back!

Enjoy a weekend with your roots! GENEALOGY NOW is hosting a dynamic two day seminar specially designed for the 100% All American Mutt. The days of the blue blood heritage are over! Today a typical American is a human melting pot.

Recent studies confirm that 88% of the American population has mixed heritage, of those, 95% do not speak the language of the country they claim to identify with. The connection to the "old country" is so far removed that most can no longer locate this ancestral nation on a map. We can change that!

Many Americans have discovered that generation after generation of immigration has left them history-less, culturally deprived and linguistically mute. Many are without a sense of self; they no longer have an ethnic connection to anything.

Perhaps you have noticed your immigrant neighbors are interesting? Maybe you have caught the scent of a unique dish drifting over your fence? Perchance you have witnessed a celebration that is not characteristic of your youth? Likely you are fluent only in English. Have you lost your culture? Would you like to get it back?

The GENEALOGY NOW weekend seminar will help you find your roots. We will teach you how to trace your lineage back to Ellis Island or one of the other popular ports of entry. We will have language immersion sessions with real Germans, Italians, Africans, etc. During the seminar we will have break out sessions according to ancestry. You get to pick your favorite! There will be ethnic food, dances, music and virtual tours of over 100 nations of origin.

Remember if your family has been American for:

5 Generations = 32 suspicious ancestors

6 Generations = 64 mixed roots

7 Generations = 128 unknowns




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