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    The magazine cover I created is supposed to reflect the wide variety of people in the U.S..  This image captures the idea of the “Melting Pot” that is the United States.  This country was built by immigrants from Europe and continues to rely on the labor of new immigrants from Mexico, Asia, and the Caribbean.  The bowl on the cover is filled with people with different ethnicities.  The bowl has the word “Citizenship” etched into it.  The lady on the cover is wearing the United States’ flag around her like a skirt.  This woman probably represents lady liberty and the spoon she is using to stir the diverse mixture of immigrants together has “Equal Rights” etched into it.  The cover makes a statement about how the U.S. gives equal citizenship rights to people who are very different from one another as far as race and ethnicity is concerned.  This is the one quality which sets America apart from any other country in the world.  American culture is actually made up of many different cultures and it seems that some people have forgotten this.  Many people say that immigration is bad for the country but these people are ignoring the history of the U.S. and have forgotten which people do the dirty work that needs to be done in this country.  Many historians have said that the distinguishing thing about American culture is its diversity.  This mix of cultures and people gives the U.S. its identity.  The U.S. is the land of the free and all humans should be entitled to this freedom.  This idea of freedom and equal rights for everybody is what my cover is all about.