Matthew's Dunn overview of migration and culture

From the start, Dr. Koptiuchís class, Migration and Culture, seemed to be very overwhelming. I concluded that I would not be able to adapt to this class, but I did. Much like migrant adapting to a new country.† What I have taken personally from this class is that the human spirit can over come any problem in light of a hardship. Migration is one of the most demanding hardships any person may face. Our trip to Nogales, Mexico proves that theory. Every reading assigned in the class relates to that day in Nogales, Mexico. I learned that the economical situation and government was basically letting people die, go hungry, and live in very run down and unaffordable housing. Working for pennies a day to make it did stop the people of Nogales, Mexico, who are some of our closest neighbors. Even though the problems are being slowly change, people still have hope of making their lives and their family members lives better by migrating to the United States.†

†† family

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