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 Illegal Immigrants: A World Of Opportunity

 March 10, 2003

Illegal Immigrants: A World of Opportunity

In this case study, this visual represents a world of opportunity in America.  It applies to everyone in America, even illegal immigrants.  Mexican/Hispanic’s today form the fastest growing ethnic minority in the United Sates, and are the second largest minority in the nation.  A great amount of Mexicans entered the U. S. to escape poverty and to find a better way to raise their families.  Because Mexicans are a younger, less prosperous and less educated group than the rest of the population, it makes it harder for them to find good jobs, which pay high wages.  It is uncertain weather the illegal immigrant has proved beneficial or harmful to the United States, but most employers approve of it, and they profit more from low wages.  Undoubtedly, if there were no migrant labor the U. S.  financial system would weaken. Illegal immigrants have jobs that require a lot of labor that Americans don’t want anyway, like construction, or landscaping and much more.  Which American would be outside in the hot summer digging, sweating, working long hours and damaging their skin when they can be inside in the air conditioning getting a high wage and not breaking a sweat, whereas an illegal immigrant would do whatever it takes to make a few bucks.  If there we no one to do this kind of labor, how would America continue to construct its territory. If they don’t hurt anyone I don’t see what the big deal is anyway, they would still support our county for giving them the “opportunity.”   We should actually thank them for doing us a favor that benefits our economy.  This figure should make Americans see the real meaning of red, white, and blue, and what east represent.

As for the American dream… everyone who living in America is already living the American dream.  Hopefully this image will make everyone realize how we as Americans live a free life.  

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