My family object is the obituary from when my grandfather past away.  The reason I did this is because his parents were the ones who actually migrated the family from England to America. With the move brought a sort of assimilation to the new world.  The name Tennison is traditionally spelled with a y.  For example Tennyson, as in Alfred Lord Tennyson.  My family are direct descendents from the famous English poet.  The name change is a similar characteristic of my father's side also.  The name Obrock is actually pronounced Aubrauch.  There is no hyphen due to the fact of being from German Ancestry not Irish.  My family originally migrated on both my mom's and dad's side to Ohio.   Then from Ohio, they came to Arizona and that is where the story ends.  I have lived in Arizona my whole life.  I am actually a second generation native.  My mom was the first. 



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