The aspect of immigration that i chose to cover was on the migration
from our neighbors to the south the Cubans, Haitains, and Dominicans. I
chose this idea because they are so closely related to our culture, more
in certain areas of the country. Mostly in Florida and the areas more on
the east coast. As I learned in our last reading the majority of
Dominicans that arrive in America migrate even further to areas like New
York and Connecticut.  This sort of hit close to home because a good
friend of mine's family originally immigrated from The Dominican Republic.
From there they settled in Connecticut.  Just like the book say's. 

    It seems also that these people from these extremely remote places all are
finding a need or a want for a more promising future.  But it seems that
with the promising future comes the concerns of prejudice, and very
difficult times by the standard of the people whom have already migrated
here. It also seems that they will risk disease, pain and maybe!
e even death to avoid living in their country any longer.  People in Cuba
are very different than some of our other neighbors to the south. Some
people love their country and their communist regime and there are others
who can't stand it and will risk the afformentioned statements to do what
is necessary to flee to what they see as a better life. 

My pictures consist of transmigrants and how they may live or get to America.

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