Chocolate, Jogging Suits and Sociology:
A Migration Story from the Philippines




Dr. Anna Guevarra is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Arizona State University West.  We met in Anna's office at the campus after another professor referred her to me. Anna's office is like a lot of professor's offices. The door is covered with a collection of newspaper clippings and cartoons relating to her interests in sociology and her bookshelves are quickly nearing capacity. Among the stacks of books and paperwork is the standard issue coffee maker that no professor or student alike can survive without; the strong aroma mixing with the slightly musty smell of well worn books warming the room to a familiar, collegiate smell that cannot be properly described outside of academia. After Anna poured herself a cup of caffeine, she cleared a spot on the formica desktop for me to take notes. Her smile was reassuring and she was quite enthusiastic, especially for the time of morning. As I set up for the interview I noticed some of the pictures Anna had that you don't often see in other professor's offices. I soon found out that these quiet beach scenes were of Anna's homeland, the Philippines.


Work Completed by: Stephanie Cleland


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