My Bio

My name is Sarah Clinebell.  I am a 26 year-old wife and stepmother of one 9 year-old boy, and mother of a 4 year-old boy.  I have been working towards my bachelor’s degree since I was 19 years old.  I started out in Tucson, attending PCC then U of A.  While I was there I fell in love with anthropology, specifically biological anthropology and archaeology.  I volunteered for the Bioarchaeology lab at the Arizona State Museum on campus.  Mostly I did inventory and database updates for what they called ‘The Bone Closet,’ an eerie proposition when you’re in there alone!  I also got to assist the crew with the excavation of a Hohokam skeleton, which was an amazing experience.  When I was 22 I transferred to ASU in order to be closer to my then fiancé (now husband).  Upon attending ASU West, I had to change my major to Social and Behavioral Sciences from Anthropology, since that major isn’t offered here.  Bummer because I was almost done with all of my Anthro requirements!  However, I’m finding that I really enjoy sociology as well, and some of it is very similar to anthropology.



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