I met Jacqueline Penna two years ago at my old job.  I was a bartender at a techno night club called Freedom.  She came to the club with a mutual friend and I was introduced to her.  Coincidentally I also knew her brother, I had worked with her brother at restaurant, he had always told me that he had a beautiful sister named Jacquie that he wanted to introduce to me but we had never gotten around to it.  As fate would have it I ended up meeting her at my job instead of through her brother.  At first she was very stand offish, she would barely speak to me, throughout the next six months she would come by my work and we would talk for a few seconds at a time.  Finally on my birthday, June 2nd, of 2003 I went into her work and we talked.  We decided that she would go to my karate class with me.  The next day I picked her up and took her to class with me, after that we began to date and we have been together for almost a year and a half.  I chose to interview her because I wanted to get to know more about her past.  Jacquie is from Saul Paulo, Brazil the largest city in the southern hemisphere.  Out interview took place on the couch of our living room.

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