Native Country: Durango, Mexico

Mexico was founded in 1821. Durango is one the largest among Mexico’s top producers of agricultural, forest, and mineral products. Durango is the third largest of the 31 Mexican states ( Also several important rivers cross the state of Durango, for example, the Nazas, the Tepehuanes, and the Santiago Papasquiaro (  The city of Durango’s other major cities are Gómez Palacio and Ciudad Lerdo and the state’s estimated population in 2000 was 1,445,922 ( In addition, Durango’s economic status is based on its silver output and other valuable mineral resources include gold, copper, tin, coal, and mercury ( In addition, Durango also produced agricultural products, such as grapes, apples, and peaches. Raising livestock is another significant industry and the state produces much of the country’s dairy products. Durango ranks among Mexico’s top producers of electricity, lumber, and forestry products.

Escudo De Durango

Some Of The Famous Places In The City OF Durango