Open Letter

Dear People of the World:


Throughout the semester, I have learned several interesting, enlightening new things about migration.  To illustrate, I had never really realized how close-minded I had been in the past.  In my eyes, the American way was the only way.  As time progressed, however, I began to embrace other cultures and their traditions.  The experiences I had assisted me in my journey.

My trip to Nogales, for example, was fantastic!  We were given the opportunity to eat lunch with an actual Mexican family.  Just seeing another culture in such an intimate environment was so valuable.  The food was fantastic, the company was friendly, and the conversation was rich.  The trip taught me not only to accept other cultures, but to enjoy them!      

  My professor, Dr. Koptiuch, was so great at delivering a novel technique of seeing the world at large.  Her advice and guidance proved to be priceless.  She obviously enjoys her work, which shines through her lectures.  Without her, I do not believe the impact of this course would have been so great.

Overall, I am incredibly grateful for the time I had to learn about migration and culture.  I will carry the lessons I learned with me for the rest of my life.  Enjoy the website!



Laura Berkowitz




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