Open Letter

         During the semester I learned a lot about why people migrated Although, the best part of this class was the trip to Nogales, Mexico, I had never been to any parts of Mexico, so I thought it was very interesting and different.   We visited the maquiladoras and was able to see first hand how hard they worked in Nogales.  Even though, the trip was very long it really did help me to see how fortunate I am to be here in the US.  I also, found the book," New Pioneers in the Heartland: Hmong Life in Wisconsin" by Jo Ann Koltyk very informative and interesting because I never knew that Hmong people are also from Laos, except they don't speak Laotian like I do. 

         Overall, this class has been  an amazing experience.  I had a lot of fun and met really nice people in class.



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