A new life in America

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Bettie Sarkis Interview

1.        Before people immigrate to the United States they automatically imagine a better life, but when they get here they realize it not easy at all. Why is it worth leaving their traditions, their family, and their people to come to a place where they are basically unwanted?
2.        Culture Shock is unavoidable when coming to the U.S., how do immigrants cope with that? Do the majority of immigrants become submissive to the American Culture or do they still keep their traditions alive?
3.        Many people who immigrate to the U.S come speaking only their native language, they send their kids to school and the kids learn how to speak English. For many parents it then becomes difficult to communicate with their children. A communication barrier is often formed. How could families prevent these situations to occur?
4.        The book mentioned an Indian girl who married outside of her race, and the family basically disowned her. What are the views among immigrants when it comes to their sons or daughters marrying into another race?
5.        Even though we are now in a different time and racism isnít as bad as before, do immigrants feel as if they are treated any different when it comes to interacting with society? For example when they go to a restaurant, mall, school, etc.

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