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        When I had first stepped into the classroom I thought that this class would be like the other classes that I have taken that we pointless and where I wouldn't learn anything.  I am glad to say that I was very wrong.  Every week that I was able to take something away from this class.  I was brought into many issues that are going on in this state that I was previously unaware of. 

        The part of this class that had the biggest impact on me was our class trip to Nogales.  You want to talk about a eye opening experience.  I thought at times that I had it bad hear in the U.S., but in Nogales there are many people there who have it much worse than I do.  The homes that I saw were slightly larger than my bedroom.  The homes didn't have in-door plumbing, air conditioning, heating, running water, or insulation.  Since our trip whenever I have felt bad about my life I always catch myself thinking about the family that I had met in Nogales and the life that they have.  The biggest thing that they had worried about was paying for their child's education.  We are spoiled as a nation here because of our free education.  Their roads are dirt and have many potholes and ditches which made our ride their very uncomfortable.  Then we went to one of the many maquiladora's that are in Mexico to glance at what a typical day at work is for those workers.  Much to my surprise it was very neat and clean and all that I saw was very happy employees who had a smile about their job and were joking and laughing with each other while they were completing their tasks.  What had amazed me the most about this town was that everyone there seemed to have no  worries in the world.  When we were driving through the town all that we saw were several groups of people just hanging around a truck, house or local establishment just talking and laughing about things.

        Another issue that was brought to my attention by this class are the number of migrant issues that are going on.  Some of the issues include changing the migration laws, documenting abuse to migrant workers, holding companies responsible for abuse, and the border patrol and other rogue groups that pretend to be associated with the border patrol.  I was unaware of the existence of these groups and the harm that they were causing the migrants in their attempt to cross.

        The one thing that I will take from this class will be knowing that at one time my family was once migrants of this country.  Even though that I am a full citizen in the United States I know that at one time my family members were not and I know that they had to go through some of the taunting or challenges that the migrants today must go through.  When I really sit down to think about it who really hasn't been a migrant at one time?  Overall I had really enjoyed the work that I had to do in this class, we were able to watch many great movies and read interesting stories about the different ethnic groups and their different journeys to the United States and their different ways of acceptance into the United States.