Crossing the Valley: A Mothers Wish


Ali Shawqi Story

When I was finishing up with high school my country was in a civil war.  My mother did not want me to stay in Lebanon.  She didnít care where I went she just wanted me out of Lebanon.  So I had a cousin in Germany who was going to school that I was going to join.  In the process of doing the paper work a rich Lebanese man found out that I was planning on leaving.  He wanted to help my people so he sponsoring people to go to the United States.  I was one of those people that he chose to sponsor.  So in 1985 I moved to North Texas and went to school at Northern Texas University for 2 semesters.  After that I moved to Arizona and have been living her ever since.

Q & A

What are the Cultural differences that you have noticed between you culture and the United States culture?

-In the United States the families are not as close as they are back home.  Back home you can live with your parents until you are in your 30ís where in the US people will look at you like you are deadbeat and living off your parents.

-Another big difference is the dating in the US is much more intense then back home was.  Back home you could go out with the opposite sex but you could make out like the kids do here or go inside there house for a while. 

-The people her also donít seem to be as open about there religion.  Back home people are much more open and willing to talk about there religion then her.  In the US it is almost like people are hiding there religion.

Do you like living in the United States?

-Ya I like living in the United States, I have every thing that I need here.  I have my wife and children and a nice house to live in.  I do miss home though because all of my family is back in Lebanon. But in the US I am able to actually get somewhere in life.  Back home you could work and work all day and not get anywhere.  The opportunities just arenít there like they are here in the United States.




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