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Visualizing Immigrant Youth in Phoenix

Youth Circulations
, July 2017

This is Not a Ship:
Mobile Borders, Istanbul Modern, Transnational Surreal

Cool Anthropology, Feb 2015

Istanbul Modern

Urban Vignettes: Everyday Living in the City, 2014 (also on

Get out of Shoreditch
That Which Is Not Inferno, Or, The Pleasure of the Urban Text - See more at:
A Tsunami of Homes:
Gentrification-By-Subdivision in Transnationalized South Phoenix

Urban Vignettes: Everyday Living in the City, 2014 (also on

A border in South Phoenix

Urban Vignettes
: Everyday Living in the City, 2012
(also on


Social Text/Periscope, 2012. Invited Commentary on Andrew Ross's 2012 book on Phoenix, Bird on Fire: Lessons From the Worlds Least Sustainable City
My first book:  

University of Minnesota Press 1999


London Photo
Projects Portfolio

Goldsmiths, University of London, 19-31 August 2013
Instant Webmasters: Web Portfolios Enhance Digital Literacy
Workshop Presentation at the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy, University of Rhode Island, July 2013

Visit Koptiuch's YouTube site for my mini-movies, including a digital story on South Side Story: Urban Changes in South Phoenix, several videos about the Costa Rica study abroad program I've directed there a number of times, adventures mostly in Oregon with my cousin Chef Steve, the proud moment when the unfortunately short-lived but fabulously important, independent student-run newspaper I advised at ASU's West campus @west news in 2012 won the ASU Pitchfork Award for most Outstanding Independent Undergraduate Student Organization for ALL of Arizona State University, and various other short movies that I've made.
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