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This year, ARLIS/Mountain West will host its annual conference on September 25-27, 1997 at the Oxford Hotel in beautiful downtown Denver, Colorado. Characterized by a combination of western pioneer spirit and eastern cosmopolitanism, Denver is an environment of diverse geography and culture. The Mile High City is home to an expansive system of mountain parks to enjoy the majestic beauty of the Rocky Mountains whose riches first attracted settlers to the area. Gold and silver made Denver rich which also attracted a variety of ethnic groups and many of the cultural amenities which have contributed to create Denverís current popularity. Today downtown Denver is a vibrant urban center with civic and cultural institutions, downtown shopping districts, and a pedestrian environment rare in todayís western cities.

The conference planning committee has arranged two days of session presentations, events and plenty of free time to allow attendees to appreciate Denverís cultural traditions. As the conference is centered in downtown Denver, most events are scheduled to be within walking distance of each other and downtown hotels. We hope you will join us for what is sure to be a wonderful conference in one of the Westís oldest urban centers.

 For everything you want to know about Denver, from arriving at the airport, to lodging, restaurants, shopping, public transportation, touring and what mountains to climb, check-out the Insiderís Guide to Denver and Denver at a Glance


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