Bruce & Sheila

Bruce & Sheila

OK, everyone needs to put pictures of their dogs on their homepage, right? So, here's mine...Bruce and Sheila are Australian Cattle Dogs (aka Queensland Heeler, Blue Heeler). They also live with two cats, who aren't as interested in being photographed...RunningKitten.gif - 9.1 K

They also have a cousin, Rex, of whom Bruce is in great awe!

If you aren't familiar with this wonderful breed, check out the Australian Cattle Dog homepage. If you are considering adopting, see New Hope Cattle Dogs

Bruce as a young lad, about 14 mos (1994)

and more recently...

Bruce.jpg - 111.5 K bruce4.jpg - 22.9 K

then, as a very special Thanksgiving present, Sheila came to live with us...

sheila.jpg - 30.0 K sheila2.jpg - 52.0 K

now we're all living happily ever after!

kids.jpg - 86.2 K

More pictures of Bruce, Sheila and Josey, our foster girl

PupTail.gif - 3.8 K