Museums and Archaeological Sites in Iraq after 2003


Donny George Youkhanna - former Director of Iraqi Museums and visiting Professor of Anthropology at SUNY Stoney Brook  


Abstract: The Iraq War of 2003 and the unrest that followed it have had a disastrous effect on the museums and archaeological sites of Iraq, home to the earliest urban society in world history.  Many of the most important early sites have been systematically looted; museums were vandalized, and thousands of artifacts were sold on the international antiquities black market.  The proceeds of these illegal sales have helped fund the insurgency in Iraq. 

    Dr. Donny George Youkhanna, described as “the man who saved the Iraq National Museum,” will discuss what happened at the Museum and archaeological sites throughout Iraq.  He will describe efforts to recover lost material, rehabilitate the National Museum, as well as recent staff training and projects the SBAH has been attempting with international governments and organizations.