AML 330 /ASB 430: Social Simulation

[This course meets general studies CS requirement and meets Science and Society requirements]

Spring 2013

Professor: Marco Janssen

Class number: 24469/24959

Hybrid Course

Lecture: Wednesday 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM Cowden 124



Course content
This course introduces simulation techniques to study sociality in human and animal societies. We especially focus on collective action, the ability of groups to cooperate and coordinate to achieve outcomes that are not possible by one individual.

The students would have an opportunity to learn agent-based modeling and learn how they are applied to study social phenomena. Besides the study of the techniques, the students derive a brief introduction to relevant theories in the life and social sciences. The students will have hands on experience in writing simulation models of a number of social phenomena. 

Topics covered in the course are: complex adaptive systems, emergence, networks, agent-based modeling, collective action, social dilemmas, evolution of cooperation.

Course format
Hybrid, Lectures, computer lab, home work assignments,

Lecture notes

Ebook with models will be provided for this course.


The freeware simulation package Netlogo is used during the course.


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