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Environment needs interdisciplinary research

Insights from different scientific disciplines must be combined in order to understand our relation with the environment, and to support our striving towards making this relation sustainable. Often this notion is translated to multi/inter/trans disciplinary research leading to a new type of science. Here the typical researcher does not have detailed knowledge of a single discipline, but rather knows how more general insights from various disciplines are interrelated.

Need for theoretical interdisciplinary research

Although scientific organizations officially support interdisciplinary research, in practice official scientific bodies are focused on traditional disciplinary research. This leads to the development that interdisciplinary research is primarily being practiced in applied research institutes by project-based studies for concrete problems. Because of this situation there is relative little attention for the study of theoretical questions within this interdisciplinary field.

Theoretical questions

We argue that there are important theoretical questions, which require the cooperation of very distinct disciplines. For example, to understand the self-organization of institutions for ecosystem management, political scientists and ecologists can learn from immunology, linguistics and computer science. Therefore the different scientific disciplines should exchange ideas and collaborate on such multi/inter/trans disciplinary research questions, ultimately leading towards a kind of scientific symbiosis.

The Foundation for Scientific Symbiosis

In supporting scientists to pass the disciplinary borders, the Foundation for Scientific Symbiosis is founded in December 2000. To reach these goals the Foundation will support research and to communicate relevant scientific insights to a broader public.

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