Justice Studies 301

Dr. Menjívar


Fifth Take-home Assignment—Literature Review



1. Select a topic of social importance that you would like to research in this class (you can use the same one you’ll use for your final paper).


2. Do a literature review on it using library resources. For this assignment, you will only be required to select three articles from academic journals (internet material, opinion pieces, theoretical essays, and book reviews are not acceptable—you need empirical articles for this assignment. You may consult internet sources, but only to access academic journals that publish empirical social research. For instance, you may use the internet to access ASU’s library homepage, and even the articles you will include in your assignment, but reports, letters, views, etc. that people post on their internet website are not acceptable.

Examples of journals that you can use are the following (These are only examples; there are many other journals in the library that you can use for this assignment. However, the articles you use must be research (empirical) articles and must come from academic sources:


American Sociological Review

American Journal of Sociology

American Ethnologist

Annual Review of Anthropology

Annual Review of Sociology

Gender & Society

Social Forces

Law and Anthropology

Law and Inequality

Law and Society Review

Law and Social Inquiry

Social Justice

Social Problems

Social Science Quarterly

Violence Against Women



The assignment consists of the following:


1. Read the articles


2. Write a summary of each that is clear and concise. You only need to write one short paragraph for each. The summaries should fit in two pages (only one side). Be sure that your summary includes a) the objectives of the study, b) the method(s) employed (how the data were collected, e.g., surveys, interviews, analysis of texts), and c) the main findings of the study. The summaries must be typed (double-spaced, one inch margins, font 12). Then, in a very short paragraph write a conclusion about all three articles.


3. Attach a copy of the article abstracts. If the articles have no abstracts, include a copy of the full article.



*Don’t forget that to undertake this assignment, you may obtain assistance from the Writing Mentorship Program in the School of Justice Studies.