Dr. Cecilia Menjívar

Justice Studies 350




Themes for Second Exam



Do all assigned readings beginning with Refugee migrations (which include five of the seven articles on reserve, and the assigned chapters from Portes and Rumbaut and Fragmented Ties). You will need to know the main points of all these pieces.


Class lectures


Film: The Long, Long Journey



In addition to knowing the gist of the readings above, you may want to pay attention to the following (although the exam is not restricted to the following specific topics), which may not be too apparent when you’re reading the assigned pieces:



Theories of immigration


Segmented assimilation, structural and cultural assimilation (in Gordon’s framework) and acculturation (see diagram in Portes and Rumbaut)


Causes of unauthorized migration (according to Portes and Rumbaut)


Contributions of women to their households


Inter-ethnic relations and comparisons between Los Angeles and New York


Language use, bilingualism (research on this topic as described in Portes and Rumbaut) (also from lectures)


Policy recommendations (from class lectures and from Portes and Rumbaut)


1996 Immigration Act


 Violence Against Women Act