Justice Studies 394

Dr. Menjívar



Questions for the 2nd Paper



1.     Write a summary of the book (approximately 2 pages) that highlights (succinctly, of course) the main points covered, including the reasons for this group’s migration, their mode of incorporation, the presence of social networks, gender and intergenerational relations, and issues that relate to children, the second generation.


2.     Provide your own critique of the book (about 2 pages). Are there any points with which you disagree/agree? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the book? What’s missing? What’s


3.     Use the “context of reception” framework (discussed in lecture and in your textbook), to explain the overall experiences of the immigrants described in the book (about 2 pages).


4.     Compare and contrast the experiences of these immigrants with the immigrants I describe in Fragmented Ties (about 2 pages).