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Association of American Geographers

Project GeoSim (population simulations)
The World Bank
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CIA World Factbook
Guide to Geography Resources at ASU Libraries Country Maps and Information

U.S. State Department list of Independent States of the World

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Population Reference Bureau



Red and Blue States Cartograms

BuckyMap Puzzle

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National Atlas of the US

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FishData + StreamNet

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AAG Energy and Environment Specialty Group

British Petroleum Statistical Review of World Energy

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US DOE Annual Energy Review
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Resources for the Future


California Hydrogen Highway

Fuel Cell Today Infrastructure Survey

National Hydrogen Association

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National Academies Press eBook: The Hydrogen Economy

H2Cars Biz

US DOE Hydrogen Roadmap

Florida’s Hydrogen Program

Arizona Public Service

California Fuel Cell Partnership

Hydrail Conference

European Thematic Network on Hydrogen


Operations Research


Dash Optimization (XpressMP)

Trevor Hale’s Location Science References (3400+)

Elsevier’s Decision Sciences

Library of Location Algorithms (LOLA)

Section on Location Analysis (SOLA)

Systems Dynamics Mega Link List


AAG China Geography Specialty Group

China Statistics Bureau

China Energy-Environment News

IIASA: Can China Feed Itself?

China Travel Guide


US Bureau of Transportation Statistics

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MAG Regional Transportation Plan

Urban Transport Modeling Primer

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Transport Geography on the Web

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Air Transport Association


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