Chicano and Latino Studies Subject Guide

The Library of Congress Subject Headings for Chicano/a Studies

Here is a sample of subject headings for Chicana/o/Latino Studies.  These subject headings may be used to search ASU Libraries Online Catalog (, or various electronic databases that are available on the ASU Libraries network (
Alien Labor, Mexican -- United States 
Hispanic Americans -- Theater 
American Literature -- Mexican American Authors 
Hispanic American Women 
American Literature -- Latino Authors 
Hispanic American Women -- Social Conditions
Bilingualism in Children 
Immigrant Labor
Education Bilingual 
Illegal Aliens -- United States 
Emigration and immigration 
Mexican Americans 
Free Trade Mexico 
Mexican Americans -- Ethnic Identity
Hispanic Americans 
Mexican Americans -- Border Regions
Hispanic Americans -- Literature 
Mexican American Women -- Social Conditions
Hispanic Americans -- Poetry 
Mexicans -- United States 
All items are located in the Hayden Library Reference collection unless indicated otherwise.  The following is selective bibliography, a more comprehensive bibliography can be obtained by searching the ASU Online Catalog.

Magazines and Journals

Aztlan.  1971, 1980-. E 184 .M5 A99x FICHE  CHICANO.
Chicano Law Review.  1972-1990. K3 .H53  CHICANO.
Chicano-Latin Law Review.  1991-. K 3 .H47  CHICANO.
Gestos.  1989-. PQ 6098.7 .G47x  JOURNALS.
Journal of Mexican American History.  1970-1974. E184.M5 J6  CHICANO.
New Chicana/Chicano Writing.  1992-1993. PS 508 .M4 N4x  CHICANO REF.  PS 508 .1992  JOURNALS.

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and Handbooks.

The Best of Latino heritage: A Guide to the Best juvenile Books about Latino People and Cultures. The Scarecrow Press, 1997.
Intended as an aid for librarians and teachers who are interested in exposing students to books about the culture of latinos. It is a "best of" book list that represent the latino/hispanic cultures of carious countries, including Mexico and United States.  F1408 .S256x.

Chicano Literature: A Reference Guide. Greenwood Press, 1985.
Guide to Mexican-American writers from 1848. Contains essays on individuals, literary genres (novels, theater, and poetry), and topics such as Chicano literary criticism and Chicano children's literature. Includes bibliography, glossary, and chronology. PS153 .M4 C46 1985. Also in CHICANO.
Dictionary of American Immigration History. Scarecrow Press, 1989.
Includes introductory essay and more than 2500 entries on various aspects of immigration. Selected bibliography. JV6450 D53 1990.
Dictionary of Latin American Racial and Ethnic Terminology. Orders to University Presses of Florida, c1989.
Dictionary of Spanish American and Brazilian Portuguese racial and ethnic terms.  Entries include:  their term, a definition, ethnic definitions, explanatory commentary. GN564 .L29 S84 1989.
Dictionary of Mexican American History. Greenwood Press, 1981.
Provides short entries on key individuals and events. Appendices include bibliography, glossary, chronology, and list of journals. E184 M5 M453. Also in  CHICANO.
Dictionary of Race and Ethnic Relations. 4th ed. Routledge, 1996.
Basic guide to terminology in the field of race and ethnic relations. GN496 C37 1996.

Global Voices, Global Visions: A Core Collection of Multicultural Works.  R.R. Bowker, c1995.
Provides a selection of significant and recommended works of multicultural literature, nonfiction, and biography of US and international authors.  The work is divided by chapters which describe a particular region or group (i.e..  United States, Latinos).  It includes an author, title, and subject index.

Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America. 2 vols. Gale Research, c1995.
More than 100 essays on ethnic and ethno-religious groups (e.g., Amish) in the U.S., including native American groups and more recent arrivals. Good companion to the Harvard Encyclopedia, below. E184 A1 G14 1995.
Handbook of Hispanic Cultures in the United States. 4 vols. Instituto de Cooperación Iberoamericana, 1993.
An important contribution to scholarship on the Hispanic population in the U.S., this set contains separate volumes for anthropology, sociology, history, and literature and art. E184 S75 H365 1993.

Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups. Belknap Press, 1980.
Contains lengthy histories of ethnic groups in the U.S. from Acadians to Zoroastrians, as well as entries on subjects such as prejudice and discrimination. E184 A1 H35.

The Hispanic almanac : from Columbus to corporate America. Invisible Ink, c1994.
Subject chapters on Hispanic civilization and culture in the U.S., including history, art, business, religion, medicine, sports, labor, and women, family, population, language, etc..  Includes bibliography and subject index. E184.S75 H5572x 1994.  Also in CHICANO REF.

Hispanics in Hollywood: An Encyclopedia of Film and Television. Garland Pub., 1994.
Contains introductory essay on film portrayals of Hispanic and Latin American characters and an alphabetic list of nearly 400 films and television shows, with credits, short synopses, production information, and critical commentary. PN1995.9 H47 R49 1994.  Also in CHICANO.

The Latino Encyclopedia. Marshall Cavendish, c1996.
A collection of information on latino life, culture, and history.  The encyclopedia provides the researcher with up-to-date facts, statistics, and articles that represent the latino experience in the United States. E184 .S75 L357 1996.

Indexes and Abstracts.

America: History and Life. American Bibliographical Center: Clio Press, 1964-
Indexes and abstracts the periodical literature and dissertations on North American history and culture, from prehistoric times to the present. E 151 .A366x. ONLINE ACCESS THROUGH ASU LAN.
Chicano Periodical Index.  G.K. Hall, c1981-1988.
A comprehensive Subject/Author/Title index to chicano/a periodicals.  E 184 .M5 C447x. Also available in CHICANO.

Chicano database on CD-ROM.  Chicano Studies Library Publications, University of California, c1990-
A comprehensive bibliographic resource that contains over 47,000 citations covering a wide range of topics relevant to Chicano studies.  Including: art, literature, law, bilingual education, psychology, health, folklore, etc..  The citations are drawn from books, journals, newspaper articles dating from 1967 to present.  E184 .M5 C446x CDROM LAN CHICANO.
ERIC [computer file] / Educational Resources Information Center. SilverPlatter, c1988-
Contains more than 800,000 citations, with abstracts, to journal and report literature in the field of education and development.  ONLINE ACCESS THROUGH ASU LAN.  Also available via the WWW (
Ethnic Newswatch.  1994-.
A full text database of newspapers and magazines from the ethnic and minority press in America:  African American, Arab/Middle Eastern, Asian American, European/Eastern European, Hispanic/Latino, Jewish, and Native American publications.  The entire database is searchable in either English or Spanish.  E184.A1 E785x CDROM MARS.

HAPI: Hispanic American Periodicals Index. UCLA Latin American Center Publications, 1975-.
Subject/author index to articles, bibliographies, documents, literary works, and reviews on U.S. Hispanics and on Latin America. F 1401 .H5x. ONLINE ACCESS THROUGH ASU LAN.
Sociological Abstracts. Sociological Abstracts, inc., 1952-
Indexes and abstracts periodical articles, conference papers, proceedings, dissertations, and book reviews in sociology and related fields. HM1 S76.  ONLINE ACCESS THROUGH ASU LAN.
UnCover Web. 1988 - .
A database of the tables of contents of more than 17,000 journals in all subject areas. Please note: You do not have to have a Profile or Access password; simply click on Search UnCover. We recommend that you not order journal articles through the ordering service until you have checked to see what is owned locally.
Bibliography of Mexican American History. Greenwood Press, 1984.
Partially annotated bibliography on Mexican Americans includes journal articles, books, theses, dissertations, government documents, and pamphlets.  Includes over 4000 citations covering periods from colonial times to present. E184 .M5 M44x. Also available in CHICANO.
BorderLine:Bibliography of the United States-Mexico Borderlands.UCLA Latin American Center Publications,1988
Guide to the literature of the U.S.-Mexico border. Includes items on Mexican Americans, Mexican nationals in the U.S., and women.  Topics include history, demography, urbanization, agriculture, business, science, etc..  Citations include: books, government documents, conference proceedings, theses, maps and films. F786 .V23x.
The Chicana Studies Index: Twenty Years of Gender Research.  Chicano Studies Library Publications Unit, 1992.
Focuses upon women of mexican heritage living in the U.S..  .Subject/author/title index to journal and book articles, books and dissertations on the Chicana experience. E184 .M5 C437x 1992. Located on Table 3A. Also available in CHICANO.
A Comprehensive Bibliography for the Study of American Minorities. 2 vols. New York University Press, 1976.
Contains nearly 30,000 entries. Arranged geographically and by culture. Bibliographic essays precede each group. E184 .A1 M5X.
Demography of Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the United States. Greenwood Press, 1984.
Introductory essay summarizes demographic developments regarding minorities. Entries arranged by topic, including mortality, fertility, and demography. E184 M64x 1984.
Handbook of Latin American Studies. University of Texas Press [etc.] 1936-
Bibliography on Latin America, with print volumes alternating annually between the social sciences and the humanities. While the primary focus is Latin America, researchers will find citations to works on Cuban Americans, Mexican Americans, and other Latin American populations in the United States. Z1605 .H23. Searchable online through the Library of Congress:
Latinas of the Americas: A Source Book. Garland, 1989.
Consists of bibliographic essays on women in Latin America. HQ1460.5 .S76X.
Latinos in the United States: A Historical Bibliography. ABC-Clio, c1986.
Contains 1382 citations to articles on Mexican Americans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, and other Caribbean, Central and South American cultures. E184 .S75 L36x. Also in CHICANO.
Literatura Chicana. Floricanto Press, c1985.
List of more than 700 works (including video and sound recordings) organized by genre. PS153 .M4 T7X STACKS. Also available in CHICANO.
Mexican Americans: An Annotated Bibliography of Bibliographies. R&E Publishers, c1984.
Selective bibliography of bibliographies published after 1978 on Mexican Americans. E184 .M5 M386X.
Mexican Americans in Urban Society: A Selected Bibliography. Floricanto Press, c1986.
Bibliography of over 2000 citations for books, articles, unpublished reports, dissertations and theses.  Topical chapters on: art and theater, Chicana studies, culture and identity, employment, etc..  E 184 .M5 C338X CHICANO.
Race and Ethnic Relations: An Annotated Bibliography. Garland, 1984.
Includes more than 1,000 entries for sociological studies on race and ethnicity. Arranged by subject, with an introductory essay. E184 .A1 K5X 1984 STACKS.
Racism in Contemporary America. Greenwood Press, 1996.
Bibliographic citations to published articles, books, documents, theses, dissertations, reports and other materials. Arranged under 87 subject headings. E184 .A1 W355X 1996 STACKS.
Reference Library of Hispanic America.  Distributed by Educational Guidance Service, 1993.
A multi-volume source for all aspects of hispanic life and culture in the United States.  Articles are signed by the authors, and references are included.  Includes a significant entry and Mexican Americans.  E184 .S75 R44x 1993.

Sourcebook of Hispanic Culture in the United States. American Library Association, 1982.
Annotated bibliography on Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban Americans. Begins with an introductory essay. E184 .S75 S6X STACKS.
Substance Abuse Among Ethnic Minorities in America. Garland Pub., 1992.
Contains summaries and critiques of articles on the etiologic and epidemiological factors of substance use and abuse, treatment, and prevention. Includes blacks, Hispanics, native Americans, Alaska natives, and Asian/Pacific Islanders. HV5825 .S83X STACKS.
Women of Color in the United States: A Guide to the Literature. Garland, 1989, c1988.
Contains citations for books, journal articles, chapters, and dissertations on African, Asian, Hispanic, and native American women. HQ 1410 .R43X.


The Chicano Public Catalog: A Collection Guide for Public Libraries.  Floricanto Press, c1987.
A guide and selective bibliography to Mexican American Studies.  List works in religion, social sciences, language, arts and music, literature and history.  Includes a periodical, author, and title index. Z1039 .M5 G87 1987 CHICANO.

Guide to Information Resources in Ethnic Museum, Library and Archival Collections in the United States.
Greenwood Press, 1996.
From Afghanistan American Resources to Welsh American Resources, a guide to 786 ethnic museum, library, or archival collections of more than 70 ethnic groups, as well as multi-ethnic collections and institutions, organizations and research-oriented centers. E544 .A1 B87X.
Guide to Multicultural Resources, 1993/1994. NMCC Inc. Publications, c1986-.
Lists organizations, associations, resources, and government agencies covering African Americans, Asian/Pacific Americans, Hispanic Americans, and native American. E184 .A1 G93.
Hispanic-American Material Culture: An Annotated Directory of Collections, Sites, Archives and Festivals in the United States. Greenwood Press, 1989.
A guide and directory to Hispanic material culture.  Includes descriptions of museum collections, holdings of historical societies, and other public agencies, and sites listed on the national register of historical places. E184 .S75 G69 1989. Also available in CHICANO.
Hispanic Americans Information Directory. Gale Research, c1990-
Lists more than 4800 Hispanic organizations, agencies, institutions, programs, and publications. E184 S75 H566 CHICANO.
Hispanic Resource Directory. Denali Press, c1988-.
Provides information on nearly 6200 local, regional, and national Hispanic organizations and other institutions.  Entries include locations, contact persons, telephone, and fax numbers.  Topics covered: national, regional, and state organizations, libraries, research centers, and museums, education programs, etc.. E 184 .S75 H584. Also available in CHICANO.
Minority Organizations: A National Directory. Garrett Park Press, c1978-.
An annotated listing of 9700 black, Hispanic, Asian, and native American organizations. E184 .A1 M544 JOURNALS. Also available in LABRIOLA.
Refugee and Immigrant Resource Directory. Denali Press, c1994.
Provides detailed information on groups serving immigrants and refugees. Includes statistical data and appendices. HV640.4 U54 S365 1994.


Hispanic Americans: A Statistical SourceBook. Information Publications, c1994.
Annual statistical compendium of data on Hispanic Americans.  E184 .S75 H57X. Also available in CHICANO.
Hispanic Databook of U.S. Cities and Counties. Toucan Valley Publications, c1994.
Data on the Hispanic population of the U.S., covering states, counties, and cities with a population of 10,000 or more. E184 S75 H567 1994 CHICANO.

Hispanic Population of the United States.
Detailed tables from the 1994-1996 Current Population Surveys (CPS) with selected social and economic characteristics of the Hispanic population, including age, sex, marital status, educational attainment, occupation, employment status, family and household composition, income, and poverty status. Also contains preliminary data from the March 1997 CPS. Additional statistical briefs on the Hispanic population, as well as population estimates and projections.
Statistical Record of Hispanic Americans. Gale, c1993-.
Statistical data on Hispanic Americans covering such areas as demographics, education, employment, health, and social and economic conditions. E184 .S75 S72x. Also available in CHICANO and US DOC.

Biographical Sources.

Notable Hispanic American Women. Gale Research, c1993.
Contains approximately 300 entries on historical and contemporary Hispanic American women in a wide range of professions. E184 S75 N68 1993. Also available in CHICANO.
Notable Latino Americans: A Biographical Dictionary. Greenwood Press, 1997.
Provides biographies of U.S. Latinos and Latinas who have made important contributions to American society, who are citizens of the United States, or have spent appreciable portions of their lives in the U.S..  E184.S75 M35 1997.
Who's Who Among Hispanic Americans. Gale Research, c1991-.
Includes biographical data, career profiles, and addresses of 5000+ Hispanic American leaders. E184.S75 W36 JOURNALS.  Also available in CHICANO.

Internet Sources.

Azteca Webpage.
The site features excellent definitions of terms, i.e. Chicano, Aztlan, Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Also, links to MEChA organizations are provided.

CLNet Diversity Page.

Provides links to African American, Asian American, Latino, native American, multicultural and national resources on the Internet, including listservs, gophers, WWW sites, and newsgroups.

Chicano Studies Webpage

Links to announcements, resources, organizations, biographies and other web sites regarding the experiences of Chicanas are highlighted on this site.

Chicano/Latino Net

Provides links to job announcements, electronic publications, library and museums, and research, educational, and statistical resources.

Latino Link

Maintained by Hispanic Magazine this site contains an excellent list of links for and about Latinos.
Also includes, Los Angeles Murals Home Page.

Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC).

The primary focus of this extensive Web page is Latin America and the Caribbean. However, information on Hispanic Americans can be found in the subject directory under such topics as Hispanic/Latino, Immigration, and Literature.

Latino Partnerships Pathway

Highlights the cooperative efforts of universities, businesses, national organizations, and community groups that are working together to build a supportive network of partnerships for Latino students, their families and schools.
Latino Web
Links to art and music, business, corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations and other Latino resources. A wonderful link to Spanish language newspapers around the world. You can even register to vote online.

Tomás Rivera Policy Institute.

"Dedicated to conducting timely and objective policy-relevant research on issues of concern to the nation's Latino community," the Tomás Rivera Policy Institute's homepage includes articles, publications and news briefs on the issues important to Latinos in the U.S.


LATINO-L@AMHERST.EDU.   Latino E-mail List
The intended focus is on issues of concern to Latino students, but anyone's input or participation is welcome.  The membership is diverse and includes people of many different nationalities and occupations.  To Subscribe: send a note to the following address:
LATINO-L-REQUEST@AMHERST.EDU and say that you want to join.

MUJER-L. MUJER-L. Chicano E-mail List.
MUJER-L is a free and open forum for discussion and exchange of information for those who share an interest in Chicana and/or Latina issues.  You are invited to actively participate, dialog and exchange ideas as well as to post pertinent items.  To subscribe to MUJER-L, send a message to, leave the "subject" line blank., for the message, type subscribe MUJER-L and your name.  Example:  subscribe MUJER-L Maria Garcia.

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