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Biophysical Chemistry





Lab News

Congratulations Moses!

April 2018 - Moses Onyeabor defended his Honors undergraduate thesis and was accepted in the Microbiology graduate program at ASU.

Congratulations Bryan!

April 2018 - Bryan Donaphon defended his doctoral thesis and will graduate with a Ph.D. in chemistry. Congratulations Dr. Donaphon!

A paper featuring work by Nikita Kumari was published.

Cyanine Conformational Restraint in the Far-Red Range. JACS.

Two papers featuring work by Jennifer England and Anirban Purohit were published.

Mechanism of opening a sliding clamp. Nucleic. Acids Research.
Electrostatic Interactions at the Dimer Interface Stabilize the E. coli beta Sliding Clamp. Biophys. Journal.

Congratulations Monika!

May 2017 - Monika Ciuba graduated with a Ph.D. in chemistry. Congratulations Monika!