BCH 341 - Fall 2017

Prof. Marcia Levitus


We are going to use color-coded cards as a low-tech version of the popular clickers. The instructor will pose questions throughout the lecture and you will have to use these cards to respond. This method is based on a method developed by Prof. Ed Prather at UofA.

We will distribute a copy of the "clickers" during class the first week of classes. If are not in class or you lose it, please print it out from: https://uminntilt.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/colored-abc_card.pdf

The professor will present a question during class and will give you some time to read through the question and find the right answer. Do this individually; there are no points involved, and the professor needs to see an honest distribution of where the class stands.

Don't vote ahead of time. Wait until the professor asks you to vote, and vote on 3! Also, place your vote on your chest or face so other students cannot see it. We don't want to influence the rest!

Depending on the outcome, the professor may ask you to turn to your neighbor and convince them that you are correct. Just because you both have the same answer does not mean that you are both correct, as you may not have reached the correct answer using correct arguments. Therefore, discuss your arguments with your neighbor even if you have the same answer. The professor will call for a second vote. Change your vote only if your neighbor convinced you they were right.

Important: You can vote "I have no clue" by showing all four letters (unfolded sheet of paper). Do this only if you are truly trying to follow the lecture but still have no idea how to vote. This is important feedback for the professor, so use it if it is an honest vote. What's not an honest "I have no clue"? Well... if you were distracted and didn't pay enough attention to be able to reason through the question then you should abstain and do better next time.