BCH 341 - Fall 2017

Prof. Marcia Levitus


Formula Sheets.

Constants, Equations, Unit conversions, etc.

Note: An identical copy will be attached to your exams.

Thermodynamic Data (Appendices from Tinoco's texbook).

Note: Your exam may contain a trimmed version of these pages (containing the information you need for the exam, but not the entire table)

Petition to re-grade form. This needs to be handed to Dr. Levitus in person either in class or in office hours before the deadline.
Deadline for Exam 1: Wednesday Oct. 16.
Deadline for Exam 2: Monday Nov. 20.
Deadline for Exam 3: Friday Dec. 8.

Exam Sample conceptual questions Sample exam Keys
Midterm 1 (9/27)
Midterm 2 (11/06)
Midterm 3 (11/29)

How do I study?

  • Re-do all the problems in Mastering Chemistry that gave you the most trouble. Copy the text of the problem and solve it on paper as you would during an exam. If you can't get the right answers come to office hours (post on FB, send as an e-mail)
  • Go through the lecture notes and identify things you still don't understand. Remember that lectures are recorded!
  • Go through the list of conceptual questions, which will help you identify concepts you don't fully understand
  • Go through the "clicker" questions in the lecture notes. Remember you can watch the recording of the lecture!

Obviously, the sooner you start the more ways we have to help you


  • Will you drop the lowest scores?
  • No, but you can make up your lowest midterm score the day of the final.
  • Can I use my calculator?
  • Yes, but be sure you show all your steps in your exam so you maximize your chances of getting partial credit if your answer is not correct.
  • What happens if I have an emergency and I can't make it to an exam?
  • Read the syllabus for detailed information.
  • Will you provide practice exams?
  • Yes, we'll provide a practice exam that will have the same exact format as the real exam about 2 weeks before each exam.
  • What type of questions will the exam have?
  • The numerical problems will be similar to the Mastering Chemistry homework and quizzes. You will also see conceptual questions (multiple choice, or short answer) that are based on the lectures. We'll provide you with several sample questions, but that does not mean that the ones in the exam will be taken straight from this list.
  • Will you hold review sessions?
  • No, but we will have more office hours the week leading to the exam, so you have more opportunities to ask questions.
  • Will you have extra credit problems?
  • No. There are many opportunities for you to get extra credit points in Mastering Chemistry.
  • What's your philosophy on partial credit?
  • We give generous partial credit when mistakes are not conceptual, and are probably just a consequence of stress. However, we don't give partial credit if you have a serious conceptual mistake. For example, you will not receive any partial credit if you report a negative absolute temperature, a basic pH for a solution that is clearly acidic, etc.