BCH 341 - Fall 2017

Prof. Marcia Levitus

Lecture Notes and Recordings

Note: recordings will be available after the lecture. We can't guarantee we will be able to record and post all lectures. Recordings created from Dr. Levitus' computer can be accessed through the links in the table below. Videos created using external cameras can be found in this youtube channel:

Date pdf (1/page) pdf (2/page) Recording Announcements Special Notes
11/22 NOTE: Slides 75+ replace slides from the previous set. There was a typo, and there are some added slides. We could not record the lecture from the laptop this time. The Youtube channel will have the recording shortly.
11/20 we still need to finish slides from the last set.
11/15 Slides 44-51
11/13 Electrochemistry example (first 15 min of class)
11/08 The pdf files with the slides were replaced on 11/10 with the following changes: 1) the numbering was off by one slide with respect to what was presented in class. 2) The last slide with the screenshot of a video was removed because that example did not illustrate the concept of potentials in the biological standard. 3) The slides covering biological standard were expanded to show all the steps involved in the calculation.
11/01 Typo alert: slide 20. The reaction inside the box should read Cu+2 + 2e-->Cu
10/30 We discussed several concepts related to HW7.
10/23 We still need to finish slides from 10/18
10/16 Typo alert: Slide 1 should have a negative sign in front of RT*ln(Keq). There is some overlap with the previous set. Check before printing twice!
10/11 Some overlap with the previous set. Class was given by Dr. Yarger. Recording available in the YouTube channel (see link above)
10/04 There is some overlap with the previous set. Check before printing twice! If you downloaded the pdf before 10/3 at 6PM be aware that there was a typo in slides 42 and 43 (units should be J/K)
10/02 We covered up to slide 33
9/20 We'll continue with the slides from 9/18.
9/18 We covered up to slide 25. We'll continue the rest on 9/20. Typo alert: Page 28: it should say (-241.82)-(-285.83)= +44.01
9/13 Note that there is some overlap with the slides of 9/11. Don't print twice! TYPO ALERT: slide 140 should have the heat capacity of the vapor.
9/11 Slides 94-97 from this set replace slides with the same numbers from last class. We covered up to slide 120.
9/6 If you downloaded these slides before class on 9/6 please note that slides 77-79 were removed.
8/30 Numbering continues the pdf from 8/28. There is quite a bit of overlap. Don't print twice! Slides 57-62 were added after class, so check the pdf again if you downloaded it before 8/31.
8/28 We covered up to slide 30.
8/23 We covered up to slide 37. Two extra slides shown in class on 8/28: