BCH 341 - Fall 2017

Prof. Marcia Levitus

Letters of Recommendation

I will be happy to write academic references for graduate and professional schools for students that follow these guidelines. Start by sending me an email asking me if I'm willing to write a letter for you. Don't ask for a meeting in person, as we can handle this by e-mail. If I feel I can't write a strong letter I will tell you so. You may feel hurt, but it is in your own benefit to have the strongest letters possible, so you are better off asking somebody else. If I feel I can write a positive letter I will ask you to provide me with the following information. E-mail me only ONCE with your answers in a pdf or word file (that is, don't e-mail me multiple times with changes or additions)
Please also give me a SIGNED copy of the ASU Pre-Health waiver form (unless you can't use ASU Pre-Health). Scan it and attach it to the same e-mail, or bring it to my office (slide it under my door if I'm not in).

I will e-mail you when I submit the letter to the ASU pre-health office. If you don't hear from me one week before the deadline e-mail me with a reminder.
Please don't bring chocolates or other gifts. I love them, but you don't need to do it. To show your gratitude, just let me know if you got admitted to a shool of your choice :-)