BCH 341 - Fall 2017

Prof. Marcia Levitus


Quizzes will be assigned through the MasteringChemistry system. Check the Mastering Chemistry section of this website for information about how to register and tips using the site.

All quizzes are optional, and all points you get are extra credit. You can get up to 55 extra credit pts. by taking quizzes throughout the semester. The main goal of the quizzes is that you see problems in a format that resembles an exam more closely than that of the HW assignments. Use it as an opportunity to test yourself after you complete each HW assignment.

All quizzes will be timed. The amount of time you have for each quiz may vary, but will be clearly stated in the assignment. Please be aware that nothing stops the timer. Signing out, leaving the assignment, opening another assignment, or even losing Internet connectivity do NOT stop the timer. Therefore, click Start Now only when you have read the information and are ready to work on the quiz.

Quizzes are available after the deadline ONLY for practice. This work will not be saed and your original score will not change.

Quizzes will not contain hints. You can always check the grading policy for each assignment by clicking on "Grading Policy". The default grading policy for quizzes is:

  • 2 attempts per question
  • No credit after the deadline


  • What happens if I experience technical problems while taking a quiz?
  • This is rare but it happens once in a while. We can reset your quiz ONLY if you follow these instructions carefully.
    - Give us at least 24 h to take care of the problem. This means that if you start your quiz less than 24 h before the deadline we may not be able to help and you will lose the opportunity to complete the quiz. Due dates will not be changed. We will always try to help, but we cannot promise we are avilable and next to a computer 24/7.
    - Be sure you document it: Take screen shots that show the time, and the error message you got.
    - E-mail ALL TAs BUT DO NOT EMAIL THE PROFESSOR. Explain the nature of your problem and attach the screenshots. If you email the professor your message may be ignored. If you email only one TA you risk not getting help on time.

  • Will you post the solutions?
  • No. If you didn't get all the points you were expecting and you are still unsure of what your mistakes were, you should contact the professor or the TAs to discuss your work with them.

  • Will you drop the lowest scores?
  • No. Any points you get your quizzes are extra credit, so it does not make any sense to drop any of them.

  • Can I work with a classmate?
  • We obviously cannot control what you do outside the classroom. Study groups are great as long as you don't fool yourself into believing you understand something that was mostly done by another member of the group. Always be sure you can do all the work on your own!

  • What happens if I lose my internet connection in the middle of the quiz?
  • The system will remember you and you will be able to continue when you login back again. Be aware that the clock will not stop! If you had an internet issue that could not be resolved on time, you will not be able to finish the quiz and you'll lose the points of the unanswered questions. Therefore, start the clock only when you are confident you will be able to finish it in the allotted time. If you have frequent internet problems you need to find another place to take the quiz (such as a library computer).

  • Can I take the quiz in my mobile device?
  • No, they are not fully compatible. Be sure you have an actual computer available.

  • I missed a quiz due to illness. Can I make it up?
  • No. These are not mandatory assignments, so we will not make exceptions. If you missed a quiz you should try to take advantages of other opportunities to earn extra credit. Remember that you can still work quizzes for practice after the deadline.