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Error Code Listing for the Macintosh

DS Error Table

1dsBusErrorbus error
2dsAddressErraddress error
3dsIllInstErrillegal instruction error
4dsZeroDivErrzero divide error
5dsChkErrcheck trap error
6 dsOvflowErroverflow trap error
7dsPrivErrprivilege violation error
8dsTraceErrtrace mode error
9dsLineAErrline 1010 trap error
10dsLineFErrline 1111 trap error
11dsMiscErrmiscellaneous hardware exception error
12dsCoreErrunimplemented core routine error
13dsIrqErruninstalled interrupt error
14dsIOCoreErrIO Core Error
15dsLoadErrSegment Loader Error
16dsFPErrFloating point error
17dsNoPackErrpackage 0 not present [List Manager]
18dsNoPk1package 1 not present [Reserved by Apple]
19dsNoPk2package 2 not present [Disk Initialization]
20dsNoPk3package 3 not present [Standard File]
21dsNoPk4package 4 not present [Floating-Point Arithmetic]
22dsNoPk5package 5 not present [Transcendental Functions]
23dsNoPk6package 6 not present [International Utilities]
24dsNoPk7package 7 not present [Binary/Decimal Conversion]
25dsMemFullErrout of memory!
26dsBadLaunchcan't launch file
27dsFSErrfile system map has been trashed
28dsStknHeapstack has moved into application heap
30dsReinsertrequest user to reinsert off-line volume
31dsNotThe1not the disk I wanted (obsolete)
33negZcbFreeErrZcbFree has gone negative
40dsGreetingwelcome to Macintosh greeting
41dsFinderErrcan't load the Finder error
42shutDownAlerthandled like a shutdown error (obsolete)
43dsSystemFileErrcan't find System file to open (obsolete)
51dsBadSlotIntunserviceable slot interrupt
81dsBadSANEopcodebad opcode given to SANE Pack4
84menuPrgErrhappens when a menu is purged
85dsMBarNFndSysErr -- cannot find MBDF
86dsHMenuFindErrSysErr -- recursively defined HMenus
87dsWDEFnFndCould not load WDEF
88dsCDEFnFndCould not load CDEF
89dsMDEFnFndCould not load MDEF
98dsNoPatchCan't patch for particular Model Mac
99dsBadPatchCan't load patch resource
101dsParityErrmemory parity error
102dsOldSystemSystem is too old for this ROM
103ds32BitModebooting in 32-bit on a 24-bit sys
20000 dsShutDownOrRestartuser choice between ShutDown and Restart
20001dsSwitchOffOrRestartuser choice between switching off and Restart
20002dsForcedQuitallow the user to ExitToShell, return if Cancel
32767dsSysErrgeneral system error (catch-all used in DSAT)

General System Errors (VBL Mgr, Queue, Etc.)

0noErr0 for success
0smNotTruncatedNo truncation necessary
-1qErrqueue element not found during deletion
-1smTruncErrTruncation indicator alone is wider than the specified width
-2vTypErrinvalid queue element
-3corErrcore routine number out of range
-4unimpErrunimplemented core routine
-5SlpTypeErrinvalid queue element
-8seNoDBno debugger installed to handle debugger command

Color Manager Errors

-9iTabPurgErrfrom Color2Index/ITabMatch
-10noColMatchfrom Color2Index/ITabMatch
-11qAllocErr from MakeITable
-12tblAllocErrfrom MakeITable
-13overRunfrom MakeITable
-14noRoomErrfrom MakeITable
-15seOutOfRangefrom SetEntry
-16seProtErrfrom SetEntry
-17i2CRangeErrfrom SetEntry
-18gdBadDevfrom SetEntry
-19reRangeErrfrom SetEntry
-20seInvRequestfrom SetEntry
-21seNoMemErrfrom SetEntry

I/O System Errors

-17controlErrDriver can't respond to Control call
-18statusErrDriver can't respond to Status call
-19readErrDriver can't respond to Read call
-20writErrDriver can't respond to Write call
-21 badUnitErrDriver ref num doesn't match unit table
-22unitEmptyErrDriver ref num specifies NIL handle in unit table
-23openErrRequested read/write permission doesn't match driver's open permission, or
Attempt to open RAM serial Driver failed
-24closErrClose failed; Permission to close .MPP driver was denied
-25dRemovErrtried to remove an open driver
-26dInstErrDrvrInstall couldn't find driver in resources
-27abortErrIO call aborted by KillIO; Publisher has written a new edition
-27 iIOAbortErrIO abort error (Printing Manager)
-28notOpenErrCouldn't rd/wr/ctl/sts cause driver not opened
-29unitTblFullErrUnit table has no more entries
-30dceExtErrdce extension error

File System Errors

-33dirFulErrDirectory full
-34dskFulErrDisk full
-35nsvErrNo such volume; volume not found
-36ioErrI/O error (bummers)
-37bdNamErrBad file name; there may be no bad names in the final system!
-38fnOpnErrFile not open
-39eofErrEnd of file; no additional data in the format
-40posErrTried to position to before start of file (r/w)
-41mFulErrMemory full (open) or file won't fit (load)
-42tmfoErrtoo many files open
-43fnfErrFile not found; Folder not found;Edition container not found; Target not found
-44wPrErrDiskette is write protected; Volume is locked through hardware
-45fLckdErrFile is locked
-45fLckedErrPublisher writing to an edition
-46LckdErrVolume is locked through software
-47fBsyErr File is busy (delete); Section doing I/O
-48dupFNErrDuplicate filename (rename); File foundinstead of folder
-49opWrErrFile already open with with write permission
-50paramErrError in user parameter list
-51fNumErrReference number invalid
-52gfpErrGet file position error
-53volOffLinErrVolume is off line
-54permErrSoftware lock on file; Not a subscriber [permissions error on file open]
-55volOnLinErrdrive volume already on-line at MountVol
-56nsDrvErrno such drive (tried to mount a bad drive num)
-57noMacDskErrnot a mac diskette (sig bytes are wrong)
-58extFSErrExternal file system--file system identifier is nonzero
-59fsRnErrfile system internal error: during rename the old entry was deleted but could not be restored
-60badMDBErrbad master directory block
-61wrPermErrWrite permissions error; Not a publisher

Font Manager Errors

-64fontDecErrorerror during font declaration
-65fontNotDeclaredfont not declared
-66fontSubErrfont substitution occured

Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Errors

-64noDriveErrdrive not installed
-65offLinErrr/w requested for an off-line drive
-66noNybErrcouldn't find 5 nybbles in 200 tries
-67noAdrMkErrcouldn't find valid addr mark
-68dataVerErrread verify compare failed
-69badCksmErraddr mark checksum didn't check
-70badBtSlpErrbad addr mark bit slip nibbles
-71noDtaMkErrcouldn't find a data mark header
-72badDCksumbad data mark checksum
-73badDBtSlpbad data mark bit slip nibbles
-74wrUnderrunwrite underrun occurred
-75cantStepErrstep handshake failed
-76tk0BadErrtrack 0 detect doesn't change
-77initIWMErrunable to initialize IWM
-78twoSideErrtried to read 2nd side on a 1-sided drive
-79spdAdjErrunable to correctly adjust disk speed
-80seekErrtrack number wrong on address mark
-81sectNFErrsector number never found on a track
-82fmt1Errcan't find sector 0 after track format
-83fmt2Errcan't get enough sync
-84verErrtrack failed to verify
-85clkRdErrunable to read same clock value twice
-86clkWrErrtime written did not verify
-87prWrErrparameter ram written didn't read-verify
-88prInitErrInitUtil found the parameter ram uninitialized
-89rcvrErrSCC receiver error (framing, parity, OR)
-90 breakRecdBreak received (SCC)

AppleTalk Errors

-91ddpSktErrError opening socket
-91eMultiErrInvalid address or table is full
-92ddpLenErrData length too big
-92eLenErrPacket too large or first entry of the write-data structure did not contain the full 14-byte header
-93noBridgeErrNo router available [for non-local send]
-94lapProtErrerror in attaching/detaching protocol
-94LAPProtErrProtocol handler is already attached, node's protocol table is full, protocol not attached, or protocol handler pointer was not 0
-95excessCollsnsHardware error [excessive collisions on write]
-97portInUsedriver Open error code (port is in use)
-98portNotCfdriver Open error code (parameter RAM not configured for this connection)
-99memROZErrhard error in ROZ
-99memROZErrorhard error in ROZ
-99memROZWarnsoft error in ROZ

Scrap Manager Errors

-100noScrapErrNo scrap exists error
-102noTypeErrFormat not available [no object of that type in scrap]

Storage Allocator Errors

-108memFullErrRan out of memory [not enough room in heap zone]
-109nilHandleErrGetHandleSize fails on baseText or substitutionText; NIL master pointer [handle was NIL in HandleZone or other]
-110memAdrErrAddress was odd, or out of range
-111memWZErrAttempted to operate on a free block; GetHandleSize fails on baseText or substitutionText [WhichZone failed (applied to free block)]
-112memPurErrTrying to purge a locked or non-purgeable block
-113memAZErrAddress in zone check failed
-114memPCErrPointer Check failed
-115memBCErrBlock Check failed
-116memSCErr Size Check failed
-117memLockedErrTrying to move a locked block (MoveHHi) HFS Errors
-120dirNFErrDirectory not found
-121tmwdoErrNo free WDCB available
-122badMovErrMove into offspring error
-123wrgVolTypErrNot an HFS volume [wrong volume type error or (obsolete) operation not supported for MFS]
-124volGoneErrServer volume has been disconnected.
-125updPixMemErrInsufficient memory to update a pixmap
-127fsDSIntErrInternal file system error

Menu Manager Errors

-126dsMBarNFndSystem error code for MBDF not found
-127dsHMenuFindErrCould not find HMenu's parent in MenuKey
-128userCanceledErrUser canceled an operation

HFS FileID Errors

-130fidNotFoundno file thread exists
-131fidNotAFiledirectory specified
-132fidExistsfile id already exists

Color Quickdraw & Color Manager Errors

-147regionTooBigErrorRegion too big or complex
-148pixMapTooBigErrPixel map record is deeper than 1 bit per pixel [passed pixelmap is too large]
-149notEnoughStackNot enough stack space for the necessary buffers
-149mfStackErrInsufficient stack
-150cMatchErrColor2Index failed to find an index
-151cTempMemErrFailed to allocate memory for temporary structures
-152cNoMemErrFailed to allocate memory for structure
-153cRangeErrRange error on colorTable request
-154cProtectErr ColorTable entry protection violation
-155cDevErrInvalid type of graphics device
-156cResErrInvalid resolution for MakeITable
-157cDepthErrInvalid pixel depth
-158cParmErrInvalid parameter

Resource Manager Errors (other than I/O)

-185 badExtResourceExtended resource has a bad format.
-186CantDecompressResource bent ("the bends") can't decompress a compressed resource
-188resourceInMemoryResource already in memory
-189writingPastEndWriting past end of file
-190inputOutOfBoundsOffset or count out of bounds
-192resNotFoundResource not found
-193resFNotFoundResource file not found
-194addResFailedAddResource failed
-195addRefFailedAddReference failed
-196rmvResFailedRmveResource failed
-197rmvRefFailedRmveReference failed
-198resAttrErrAttribute inconsistent with operation
-199mapReadErrMap inconsistent with operation

Sound Manager Errors

-200noHardwareRequired sound hardware not available [no hardware support for the specified synthesizer]
-201notEnoughHardwareInsufficient hardware available [no more channels for the specified synthesizer]
-203queueFullNo room in the queue
-204resProblemProblem loading the resource
-205badChannelChannel is corrupt or unusable [invalid channel queue length]
-206badFormatResource is corrupt or unusable [handle to 'snd ' resource was invalid]
-207notEnoughBufferSpaceInsufficient memory available
-208badFileFormatFile is corrupt or unusable, or not AIFF or AIFF-C-209 channel Channel is busy
-210buffersTooSmallBuffer is too small
-211channelNotBusyChannel not currently used
-212noMoreRealTimeNot enough CPU time available
-213badParamA parameter is incorrect
-220siNoSoundInHardwareNo sound input hardware available
-221siBadSoundInDeviceInvalid sound input device
-222siNoBufferSpecifiedNo buffer specified
-223siInvalidCompressionInvalid compression type
-224siHardDiskTooSlowHard drive too slow to record
-225siInvalidSampleRateInvalid sample rate
-226siInvalidSampleSizeInvalid sample size
-227siDeviceBusyErrSound input device is busy
-228siBadDeviceNameInvalid device name
-229siBadRefNumInvalid reference number
-230siInputDeviceErrInput device hardware failure
-231siUnknownInfoTypeUnknown type of information
-232siUnknownQualityUnknown quality

MIDI Manager Errors

-250midiNoClientErrno client with that ID found
-251midiNoPortErrno port with that ID found
-252midiTooManyPortsErrtoo many ports already installed in the system
-253midiTooManyConsErrtoo many connections made
-254midiVConnectErrpending virtual connection created
-255midiVConnectMadepending virtual connection resolved
-256midiVConnectRmvdpending virtual connection removed
-257midiNoConErrno connection exists between specified ports
-258midiWriteErrcouldn't write to all connected ports
-259midiNameLenErrname supplied is longer than 31 characters
-260midiDupIDErrduplicate client ID
-261midiInvalidCmdErrcommand not supported for port type

Notification Manager Error

-299nmTypErrInvalid qType--must be ORD(nmType)

Start Manager Errors

-290 smSDMInitErrSDM could not be initialized.
-291smSRTInitErrSlot Resource Table could not be initialized.
-292smPRAMInitErrSlot Resource Table could not be initialized.
-293smPriInitErrCards could not be initialized.
-300smEmptySlotNo card in slot
-301smCRCFailCRC check failed for declaration data
-302smFormatErrFHeader Format is not Apple's
-303smRevisionErrWrong revison level
-304smNoDirDirectory offset is Nil
-305smLWTstBadLong Word test field <> $5A932BC7.
-306smNosInfoArrayNo sInfoArray. Memory Mgr error.
-307smResrvErrFatal reserved error. Reserved field <> 0.
-308smUnExBusErrUnexpected Bus Error
-309smBLFieldBadByteLanes field was bad.
-310smFHBlockRdErrError occured during _sGetFHeader.
-311smFHBlkDispErrError occured during _sDisposePtr (Dispose of FHeader block).
-312smDisposePErr_DisposePointer error
-313smNoBoardsRsrcNo Board sResource.
-314smGetPRErrError occured during _sGetPRAMRec (See SIMStatus).
-315smNoBoardIdNo Board Id.
-316smIntStatVErrThe InitStatusV field was negative after primary or secondary init.
-317smIntTblVErrAn error occured while trying to initialize the Slot Resource Table.
-318smNoJmpTblSDM jump table could not be created.
-319smBadBoardIdBoardId was wrong, re-init the PRAM record.
-320smBusErrTOBusError time out.
-330smBadRefIdReference Id not found in list
-331smBadsListBad sResource [sList] structure: Id1
-332smReservedErrReserved field not zero
-333smCodeRevErrCode revision is wrong
-334smCPUErrCode revision is wrong
-335smsPointerNilLPointer is nil {From sOffsetData. If this error occurs, check sInfo rec for more information.}
-336smNilsBlockErrNil sBlock error {Dont allocate and try to use anil sBlock}
-337smSlotOOBErrSlot out of bounds error
-338smSelOOBErrSelector out of bounds error; function not implemented
-339smNewPErr_NewPtr error
-340smBlkMoveErr_BlockMove error
-341smCkStatusErrStatus of slot = fail.
-342smGetDrvrNamErrError occured during _sGetDrvrName.
-343smDisDrvrNamErrError occured during _sDisDrvrName.
-344smNoMoresRsrcsNo more sResources
-344smNoMoresResourcesSpecified sResource data structure not found
-345smsGetDrvrErrError occurred during _sGetDriver.
-346smBadsPtrErrBad pointer was passed to sCaldSPointer function
-347smByteLanesErrByteLanes field in card's format block was determined to be zero
-348smOffsetErrOffset was too big (temporary, should be fixed)
-349smNoGoodOpensNo opens were successfull in the loop.
-350smSRTOvrFlErrSRT over flow.
-351smRecNotFndRecord not found in the SRT.

Device Manager Slot Support Errors

-360slotNumErrinvalid slot # error
-400gcrOnMFMErrgcr format on high density media error

Edition Manager Errors

SCSI Manager Errors

-450 editionMgrInitErrManager not initialized or could not load package
-451badSectionErrNot a valid section type
-452notRegisteredSectionErrNot registered
-454badSubPartErrBad edition container spec or invalid edition container
-460multiplePublisherWrnAlready is a publisher
-461containerNotFoundWrnAlias was not resolved
-470scsiBadPBErrinvalid field(s) in the parameter block
-471scsiOverrunErrattempted to transfer too many bytes
-472scsiTransferErrwrite flag conflicts with data transfer phase
-473scsiBusTOErrbus error during transfer
-474scsiSelectTOErrscsiSelTO exceeded (selection failed)
-475scsiTimeOutErrscsiReqTO exceeded
-476scsiBusResetErrthe bus was reset, so your request was aborted
-477scsiBadStatusnon-zero (not "Good") status returned
-478scsiNoStatusErrdevice did not go through a status phase
-479scsiLinkFailErrlinked command never executed
-489scsiUnimpVctErrunimplemented routine was called

SysErrs used instead of inline $A9FF & $ABFF

-490userBreakuser debugger break
-491strUserBreakuser debugger break - display string on stack
-492exUserBreakuser debugger break - execute commands on stack

QuickDraw Error

-500rgnTooBigErrBitmap would convert into a region greater than 64 KB

Text Edit Error

-501teScrapSizeErrscrap item too big for text edit record

O/S Error

-502hwParamrErrbad selector for _HWPriv

Processes Errors

-600procNotFoundNo eligible process with specified process serial number
-601memFragErrNot enough room to launch application with special requirements
-602appModeErrMemory mode is 32-bit, but application is not 32-bit clean
-603protocolErrapp made module calls in improper order
-604hardwareConfigErrhardware configuration not correct for call
-605appMemFullErrPartition size specified in 'SIZE' resource is not big enough for launch
-606appIsDaemonApplication is background-only
-607bufferIsSmallBuffer is too small
-608noOutstandingHLENo outstanding high-level event
-609connectionInvalidConnection is invalid
-610noUserInteractionAllowedAttempted PostHighLevelEvent from background and no session yet established

Memory Dispatch Errors

-620notEnoughMemoryErrInsufficient physical memory
-621notHeldErrSpecified range of memory is not held
-622cannotMakeContiguousErrCannot make specified range contiguous
-623notLockedErrSpecified range of memory is not locked
-624interruptsMaskedErrCalled with interrupts masked
-625cannotDeferErrUnable to defer additional user functions

DatabaseAccess (Pack 13) Errors

-800rcDBNullThe data item was NULL
-801rcDBValueData available or successfully retrieved
-802rcDBErrorError executing function
-803rcDBBadTypeNext data item not of requested data type
-804rcDBBreakFunction timed out
-805rcDBExecQuery currently executing
-806reDBBadSessIDSession ID is invalid
-807rcDBBadSessNumInvalid session number
-808rcDBBadDDEVCouldn't find the specified database extension, or error occurred in opening database extension
-809rcDBAsyncNotSuppThe database extension does not support asynchronous calls
-810rcDBBadAsyncPBInvalid parameter block specified
-811rcDBNoHandlerThere is no handler for this data type installed for the current application
-812rcDBWrongVersionWrong version number
-813rcDBPackNotInitedThe InitDBPack function has not yet been called

Help Manager Errors

-850hmHelpDisabledHelp balloons are not enabled
-853hmBalloonAbortedBecause of constant cursor movement, the help balloon wasn't displayed
-854hmSameAsLastBalloonMenu and item are same as previous menu and item
-855hmHelpManagerNotInitedHelp menu not set up
-857hmSkippedBalloonNo ballon content to fill in
-858hmWrongVersionWrong version of Help Manager resource
-859hmUnknownHelpTypeHelp message record contained a bad type
-861hmOperationUnsupportedBad method parameter
-862hmNoBalloonUpNo balloon showing
-863hmCloseViewActiveUser using Close View won't let you remove balloon

AppleTalk PPC Toolbox Errors

-900notInitErrPPC Toolbox has not been initialized yet
-902nameTypeErrInvalid or inappropriate locationKindSelector in location name
-903noPortErrInvalid port name; Unable to open port or bad port reference number
-904noGlobalsErrSystem unable to allocate memory, critical error
-905localOnlyErrNetwork activity is currently disabled
-906destPortErrPort does not exist at destination
-907sessTableErrPPC Toolbox is unable to create a session
-908noSessionErrInvalid session reference number
-909badReqErrBad parameter or invalid state for this operation
-910portNameExistsErrAnother port is already open with this name
-911noUserNameErrUser name unknown on destination machine
-912userRejectErrDestination rejected the session request
-915noResponseErrUnable to contact application
-916portClosedErrThe port was closed
-917sessClosedErrThe session has closed
-919badPortNameErrPPC port record is invalid
-922noDefaultUserErrUser has not specified owner name in Sharing Setup control panel
-923notLoggedInErrDefault user reference number does not yet exist
-924noUserRefErrUnable to create a new user reference number
-925networkErrAn error has occurred in the network
-926noInformErrPPCStart failed because target application did not have an inform pending
-927authFailErrUser's password is wrong
-928noUserRecErrInvalid user reference number
-930badServiceMethodErrService method is other than ppcServiceRealTime
-931badLocNameErrLocation name is invalid
-932guestNotAllowedErrDestination port requires authentication

AppleTalk - NBP Errors

-1024nbpBuffOvrBuffer overflow in LookupName
-1025nbpNoConfirmName not confirmed on ConfirmName
-1026nbpConfDiffName confirmed at different socket
-1027nbpDuplicateDuplicate name exists already
-1028nbpNotFoundName not found on remove
-1029nbpNISErrError trying to open the NIS ASP Errors (XPP driver)
-1066aspBadVersNumServer cannot support this ASP version
-1067aspBufTooSmallBuffer too small
-1068aspNoMoreSessNo more sessions on server
-1069aspNoServersNo servers at that address
-1070aspParamErrParameter error
-1071aspServerBusyServer cannot open another session
-1072aspSessClosedSession closed
-1073aspSizeErrCommand block too big
-1074aspTooManyToo many clients (server error)
-1075aspNoAckNo ack on attention request (server err)

AppleTalk - ATP Errors

-1096reqFailedRequest to contact router failed: retry count exceeded
-1097tooManyReqsToo many concurrent requests
-1098tooManySktsToo many concurrent responding-sockets
-1099badATPSktBad ATP-responding socket
-1100badBuffNumBad response buffer number specififed
-1101noRelErrNo release received
-1102cbNotFoundControl Block not found; no pending asynchronous calls
-1103noSendRespAddResponse issued without SendResponse
-1104noDataAreaNo data area for request to MPP
-1105reqAbortedERdCancel function called for this ERead [SendRequest aborted by RelTCB]

Data Stream Protocol - DSP driver Errors

-1273errOpenDeniedOpen request denied by recipient
-1274errDSPQueueSizeSend or receive queue is too small
-1275errFwdResetRead terminated by forward reset
-1276errAttentionAttention message too long
-1277errOpeningAttempt to open connection failed
-1278errStateBad connection state for this operation
-1279errAbortedRequest aborted by dspRemove or dspClose function
-1280errRefNumBad connection reference number

HFS Errors

-1300fidNotFoundFile ID not found [No file thread exists]
-1301fidExistsFile id already exists
-1302notAFileErrSpecified file is a directory
-1303diffVolErrFiles on different volumes
-1304catChangedErrCatalog has changed and CatPosition may be invalid
-1305desktopDamagedErrThe desktop database has become corrupted--the Finder will fix this, but if your application is not running with the Finder, use DTReset or DTDelete

AppleEvent Errors

-1700errAECoercionFailData could not be coerced to the requested descriptor type
-1701errAEDescNotFoundDescriptor record was not found
-1702errAECorruptDataData in an Apple event could not be read
-1703errAEWrongDataTypeWrong descriptor type
-1704errAENotAEDescNot a valid descriptor record
-1705errAEBadListItemOperation involving a list item failed
-1706errAENewerVersionNeed a newer version of the Apple Event Manager
-1707errAENotAppleEventEvent is not an Apple event
-1708errAEEventNotHandledEvent wasn't handled by an Apple event handler
-1709errAEReplyNotValidAEResetTimer was passed an invalid reply
-1710errAEUnknownSendModeInvalid sending mode was passed
-1711errAEWaitCanceledUser canceled out of wait loop for reply or receipt
-1712errAETimeoutApple event timed out
-1713errAENoUserInteractionNo user interaction allowed
-1714errAENotASpecialFunctionWrong keyword for a special function
-1715errAEParamMissedHandler did not get all required paramters
-1716errAEUnknownAddressTypeUnknown Apple event address type
-1717errAEHandlerNotFoundNo handler found for an Apple event or a coersion
-1718errAEReplyNotArrivedReply has not yet arrived
-1719errAEIllegalIndexNot a valid list index

AppleTalk - ATP Errors

-3101buf2SmallErrPacket too large for buffer; partial data returned
-3102noMPPErrNo MPP error
-3103ckSumErrCheck sum error
-3104extractErrExtraction error
-3105readQErrRead queue error
-3106atpLenErrATP length error
-3107atpBadRspATP bad response error
-3108recNotFndRecord not found
-3109sktClosedErrSocket closed error

Print Manager w/LaserWriter

-4096???No free Connect Control Blocks available
-4097???Bad connection reference number
-4098???Request already active
-4099???Write request too big
-4100???Connection just closed
-4101???Printer not found, or closed

File Manager Extensions Errors

-5000accessDeniedIncorrect access for this file/folder
-5006DenyConflictPermission/Deny mode conflicts with the current mode in which this fork is already open
-5015NoMoreLocksByte range locking failure from Server
-5020RangeNotLockedAttempt to unlock an already unlocked range
-5021RangeOverlapAttempt to lock some of an already locked range

AFP Errors (XPP driver)

-5000afpAccessDeniedAFP Access denied
-5001afpAuthContinueAFP Authorization continue
-5002afpBadUAMAFP Bad UAM
-5003afpBadVersNumAFP Bad version number
-5004afpBitmapErrAFP Bit map error
-5005afpCantMoveAFP Can't move error
-5006afpDenyConflictAFP Deny conflict
-5007afpDirNotEmptyAFP Dir not empty
-5008afpDiskFullAFP Disk full
-5009afpEofErrorAFP End-of-File error
-5010afpFileBusyAFP File busy
-5011afpFlatVoAFP Flat volume
-5012afpItemNotFoundAFP Information not found
-5013afpLockErrAFP Lock error
-5014afpMiscErrAFP Misc error
-5015afpNoMoreLocksAFP No more locks
-5016afpNoServerAFP No server
-5017afpObjectExistsAFP Object already exists
-5018afpObjectNotFoundAFP Object not found
-5019afpParmErrAFP Parm error
-5020afpRangeNotLockedAFP Range not locked
-5021afpRangeOverlapAFP Range overlap
-5022afpSessClosedAFP Session closed
-5023afpUserNotAuthAFP User not authorized
-5024afpCallNotSupportedAFP Call not supported
-5025afpObjectTypeErrAFP Object type error
-5026afpTooManyFilesOpenAFP Too many files open
-5027afpServerGoingDownAFP Server going down
-5028afpCantRenameAFP Can't rename
-5029afpDirNotFoundAFP Directory not found
-5030afpIconTypeErrorSize of new icon and one it replaces don't match
-5031afpVolLockedVolume is Read-Only
-5032afpObjectLockedObject is M/R/D/W inhibited

SysEnvirons Errors

-5500envNotPresentSysEnvirons trap not present - returned by glue.
-5501envBadVersVersion non-positive
-5502envVersTooBigVersion bigger than call can handle

Gestalt Errors

-5550gestaltUnknownErrCould not obtain the response
-5551gestaltUndefSelectorErrUndefined selector
-5552gestaltDupSelectorErrSelector already exists
-5553gestaltLocationErrFunction not in system heap

LaserWriter Driver Errors

-8132????Manual Feed time out
-8133????General PostScript Error
-8150????No LaserWriter chosen
-8151????Version mismatch between LaserPrep dictionaries
-8150????No LaserPrep dictionary installed
-8160????Zoom scale factor out of range

PictInfo Errors

-11000pictInfoVersionErrVersion number not zero
-11001pictInfoIDErrInvalid PictInfo ID
-11002pictInfoVerbErrInvalid verb combination specified
-11003cantLoadPickMethodErrCustom pick method not in resource chain
-11004colorsRequestedErrNumber out of range or greater than passed to NewPictInfo
-11005pictureDataErrInvalid picture data Power Manager Errors
-13000pmBusyErrPower Manager IC stuck busy
-13001pmReplyTOErrTimed out waiting to begin reply handshake
-13002pmSendStartErrPower Manager IC did not start handshake
-13003pmSendEndErrDuring send, Power Manager did not finish handshake
-13004pmRecvStartErrDuring receive, Power Manager did not start handshake
-13005pmRecvEndErrDuring receive, Power Manager did not finish handshake

Mac TCP Errors

-23000ipBadLapErrBad network configuration
-23001ipBadCnfgErrBad IP configuration error
-23002ipNoCnfgErrMissing IP or LAP configuration error
-23003ipLoadErrError in MacTCP load
-23004ipBadAddrError in getting address
-23005connectionClosingConnection in closing
-23007connectionExistsRequest conflicts with existing connection
-23008connectionDoesntExistConnection does not exist
-23009insufficientResourcesInsufficient resources to perform request
-23030ipOpenProtErrCan't open new protocol, table full
-23031ipCloseProtErrCan't find protocol to close
-23032ipDontFragErrPacket too large to send w/o fragmenting
-23033ipDestDeadErrDestination not responding
-23034ipBadWDSErrError in WDS format
-23035icmpEchoTimeoutErrICMP echo timed-out
-23036ipNoFragMemErrNo memory to send fragmented pkt
-23037ipRouteErrCan't route packet off-net

Primary or Secondary Init Code Errors

-32768svTempDisableTemporarily disable card but run primary init
-32640svDisabledReserve -32640 to -32768 for Apple temp disables

Internal File System Errors

1chNoBufno free cache buffers (all in use)
2chInUserequested block in use
3chnotfoundrequested block not found
4chNotInUseblock being released was not in use
16fxRangeErrfile position beyond mapped range
17fxOvFlErrextents file overflow
32btnotfoundrecord not found
33btexistsrecord already exists
34btnospaceno available space
35btnoFitrecord doesn't fit in node
36btbadNodebad node detected
37btbadHdrbad BTree header record detected
48cmnotfoundCNode not found
49cmexistsCNode already exists
50cmnotemptydirectory CNode not empty (valence = 0)
51cmRootCNinvalid reference to root CNode
52cmbadnewsdetected bad catalog structure
53cmFThdDirErrthread belongs to a directory not a file
54cmFThdGonefile thread doesn't exist
64dsBadRotatebad BTree rotate

Slot Declaration ROM Manager Errors

1siInitSDTblErrslot int dispatch table could not be initialized.
2siInitVBLQsErrVBLqueues for all slots could not be initialized.
3siInitSPTblErrslot priority table could not be initialized.
10sdmJTInitErrSDM Jump Table could not be initialized.
11sdmInitErrSDM could not be initialized.
12sdmSRTInitErrSlot Resource Table could not be initialized.
13sdmPRAMInitErrSlot PRAM could not be initialized.
14sdmPriInitErrCards could not be initialized. HD20 Driver Errors
16wrtHsLwHSHK low before starting
17wrtHSLwTOTime out waiting for HSHK to go low
19wrtHSHighTOTime out waiting for HSHK to go high
32rdHsHiHSHK high before starting
33rdSyncTOTime out waiting for sync ($AA) bye
34rdGroupTOTime out waiting for group
36rdHoffSyncTOTime out waiting for sync after holdoff
37rdHsHiTOTime out waiting for HSHK high
38rdChksumErrChecksum error on response packet
48invalidRespFirst byte in response packet was wrong
49sqncNumErrSequence number in response packet was wrong
50dNumberErrDrive number in response packet was wrong
64noRespNo response packet ever received

SCSI Manager Errors

2scCommErrCommunications error (operations timeout)
3scArbNBErrArbitration failed during SCSIGet--Bus busy
4scBadparmsErrBad parameter or TIB opcode
5scPhaseErrSCSI bus not in correct phase for operation
6scCompareErrSCSI Manager busy with another operation when SCSIGet was called
7scMgrBusyErrSCSI Manager busy with another operation when SCSIGet was called
8scSequenceErrAttempted operation is out of sequence--e.g., calling SCSISelect before doing SCSIGet
9scBusTOErrBus timeout before data ready on SCSIRBlind and SCSIWBlind
10scComplPhaseErrSCSIComplete failed--bus not in Status phase

Serial Driver Error Masks

1swOverrunErrSerial Driver overrun error
16parityErrSerial parity error
32hwOverrunErrSerial hardware overrun
64framingErrSerial framing error

Miscellaneous Result Code

1evtNotEnbEvent not enabled at PostEvent

CDev Errors

0 cdevMemErrMemory shortfall; alert user please
1cdevResErrCouldn't get a needed resource; alert
3cdevUnsetcdevValue is initialized to this
-1cdevGenErrGeneral error; gray cdev w/o alert

Script Manager Errors

0smNotTruncatedNo truncation was necessary
1smTruncatedTruncation performed
-1smTruncErrGeneral error

Communications Toolbox Errors


Communications Resource Manager Errors


Connection Manager Errors


File Transfer Manager Errors


Midi Manager MIDIPacket Errors

255midiMaxErrall command words less than this are errors

Terminal Manager Errors


AppleTalk Errors

-1overrunErr???? (returned by ReadPacket & ReadRest routines)

System Errors to put up msg dialogs

-10dsMacsBugInstalledsay "MacsBug Installed"
-11dsDisassemblerInstalledsay "Disassembler Installed"
-12dsHD20Installedsay "HD20 "

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